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Best cheap hot tubs in the UK 2023 - Top 5 brands reviewed

11th May, 2023

Estimated read time - 9.5 minutes

AuthorFin Green – Content Creator UK, Jacuzzi Group

Browsing hot tub options on a budget and wondering what you can get for a lower price tag? Are you curious to know if a cheaper priced hot tub can still be good quality? 

Wanting a simple hot tub that won’t cost the earth and leave you with unpleasant surprises post-purchase is understandable. The good news is that yes, there are options that provide the best of both worlds! 

Sun and soul family hot tub in sun - Best Cheap Hot Tubs

In this article we review what we consider to be the five best producers of cheap hot tubs that are available in the UK - including the main features, prices, pros and cons of specific models. 

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (May 11, 2023) and may change without notice.  

These brands and the models mentioned are listed in no particular order. The images used are Sun and Soul Spas, a brand owned by Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd under Jacuzzi Group.  

What affects the price of a hot tub?  

Hot tubs range in price in the UK from approximately £2,995 to more than £25,000.   

You may be asking yourself 'why the price difference'? Let’s start with some of the most important factors that play into the purchase price of a hot tub:  

Hot tub materials

High quality materials cost more and are commonly reflected in the retail price tag.

A highly reputable brand is likely to still fit their entry-level hot tubs with good quality materials.  

Design heritage 

A hot tub collection that’s had design input from industry experts, over a long period of time may have patented unique features that cannot be copied. 

Manufacturing process

Many years of experience in developing the best approach to hot tub design and long-term quality.


Brands with a respected presence in the hot tub industry will have the know-how to create a credible product for a top or entry level price. 

Innovation can cost more because the margin in a product is funding research and development in the industry.


Supply chain

Where components are made, where product is assembled, hot how long it takes to ship and who is selling it, are some of the factors that can make the price of a hot tub cheaper or more expensive.   


Features and modern technology play a significant role in the price of a hot tub. You will find digital screens, remotes, apps, speakers, lighting and more are either included, an optional extra, or an upgrade to a hot tub.  

Online only

Businesses that do not have a physical retail store or showroom often sell lower priced hot tubs as they don’t pay as much in overhead costs.

Are cheap hot tubs any good?  

It can be easy to assume that a ‘cheap hot tub’ must be a poor-quality option, but there are hot tubs on the market that can provide you with great value for money, as well as quality.

In fact, many reputable brands have ‘entry level’ priced collections to cater for people shopping for a hot tub with a smaller budget. 

Credible hot tub brands will prioritise quality over cheap components, even in their lower priced hot tubs. This means you will still get a high-quality product but might not get additional luxuries such as the latest technology.  

A cheap hot tub can be a great option if you’re happy to invest in a hot tub that provides simple features and ticks the top priority points on your hot tub wish list. 

Have a set budget? You may like to check out this article which reviews what we consider to be the top 4 hot tub collections and models on the UK market that are priced under £10,000. 

What to look for in a quality low price hot tub? 

Best cheap hot tubs UK 2023 - Sun and Soul

If you’re searching for cheap hot tubs in the UK and want to get the best quality option for your money, it's important to balance affordability with quality hot tub features.  

This means that hot tubs that provide the best of both words are likely to be priced at the higher end of the entry-level price range.  

Although the features in a cheaper option are unlikely to match the top quality you’ll find on luxury hot tubs, you will find that paying a little more in this entry-level price range will give you a hot tub that will last longer and is equipped with better warranties.   

For peace of mind that you’re making a good investment with a cheaper priced option, we recommend you consider the: 

Filtration system

A quality filtration system which includes a minimum 50 square foot cartridge filter and a separate circulation pump.

Automated sanitising system

Options like UV and Ozone solutions to enhance filtration and water care.


Made with a strong material like ABS (also used for car bumpers) for protection. If there is a curved edge, this will provide a barrier against water damage. 

Quality frame

Quality frame options include treated timber, steel or injection moulded plastic. This will prevent rot, mould, rust and rodents entering the cabinet.


Acrylic shell that is well structured to prevent delamination.


The hot tub’s ability to lock in heat from the water through effective insulation will help you save on running costs.


A entry-level or cheap hot tub will have a more basic standard of jets and less targeted placement.

The strength, positioning, type and customising ability of good hot tub hydromassage will be more limited to higher priced hot tub options. 

Comfortable seating and jet placement

It's important to feel at ease when you sit back and relax.

Trying a hot tub out in a showroom before you buy will help you find a hot tub with seats that feel and work the best for you and your body.  

Control system

A recognised brand that includes a good digital or analogue touchscreen display with wireless technology. 

Warranty and customer care

Good warranties showcase the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. The support they state they will provide, no matter what stage you're at in your buying journey, should provide you with great peace of mind.

What are the best cheap hot tub brands in the UK? 

To save you time and minimise uncertainty, we have listed the top 5 reputable and reliable hot tub brands that we believe offer good products in the lower price range.  

Sun and soul couple relaxing hot tub sun - Best cheap hot tubs

Platinum Spas

Platinum Spas are based in Chesterfield and manufacture hot tubs and swim spas.  

According to their website, they work with more than 100 partners across the UK and Europe and have been in operation since 2013, when they were first sold by Superior Spas.  

Their affordable hot tub range is the ‘Deluxe Range’. It's made up of models, ranging in size from seats to 7 seats.  

Platinum Spas Tahiti price  

Pricing for the Deluxe range is not displayed on their website. The ‘Tahiti’ 2023 hot tub model in this range is available at various dealerships, including Hot Tubs Rock for £5,999.  

Dimensions: 213 x 165 x 78.1cm (L x W x H)

Main features of Platinum Spas Tahiti Hot Tub  

  • Seat up to 4 people  
  • Moulded ABS base   
  • Acrylic finish   
  • Ozone water clarifying system   
  • Individual seat pressure controls  
  • Stainless steel jet castings  
  • Underwater and waterline lighting   
  • Integrated Bluetooth® system  

Pros of Platinum Spas Tahiti 

  • Balboa® control system  
  • High density lockable cover  
  • Matching steps are included   
  • Three shell colour options  
  • Compact size  
  • Lifetime warranty on shell structure 
  • 5-year warranty on shell surface 
  • 2-year warranty for pumps, control box and display module 

Cons of Platinum Spas Tahiti  

  • Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™) that is compatible with Bluetooth system – purchased separately  
  • 2 loungers take up more space. Seating 4 people may feel cramped  
  • No child or cool down seat  
  • Lifetime warranty on shell structure is ‘10 years’


Wellis® was founded in 2003 and they manufacture and ship their products worldwide. Their products include garden furniture, hot tubs, swim spas, bathroom and accessories.  

Their entry level collection ‘MyLine’ is available at their Northeast Megastore and is designed to be family friendly and affordable.  

Prices are not displayed for every model in this range on their website. The Pluto has a price of £4,695.

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 89cm (L x W x H) 

Main features of Wellis® Pluto hot tub  

  • 5 seats  
  • 42 jets  
  • Two recliners  
  • mySEAT™ to cater for men and women of different heights and sizes  
  • myJETS™ neck and shoulder massage  
  • Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system (via Bluetooth)  
  • 16 exclusive LED lights   
  • Foam body and foil skirt insulation

Pros of Wellis® Pluto   

  • 4 shell colour options  
  • 2 loungers  
  • 10-year extended shell structure and configuration warranty  
  • 3-year engineering parts warranty 
  • 2-year spa components (standard and optional) warranty 

Cons of Wellis® Pluto  

  • Filter box located at end of lounger may make a taller person feel cramped  
  • Water features e.g., waterfall not included 
  • Shorter warranties than other hot tub brands and models mentioned in this article 
Sun and soul family splash and play hot tub sunshine

DreamMaker Spas™  

Leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded spas since 2001, DreamMaker Spas™ create their products using Syncrylic™ material.

DreamMaker Spas™ are manufactured in Florida, and sold world-wide, they house a range hot tub, plumbing and electrical components and more.  

DreamMaker Spas™ EZL Price  

Hydropool is one of the biggest dealers of DreamMaker Spas™ in the UK. Their Northwest store stocks the “Dream Maker EZL” which price starts at £4,495.  

Dimensions: 200 x 175 x 81cm (L x W x H)

Main features of DreamMaker Spas™ EZL  

This 3–4-seater hot tub comes with:  

  • Plug and play option  
  • Bucket seats and lounger seats  
  • 16 stainless steel jets  
  • Digitally controlled pump  
  • Footwell light  
  • EZ Kleen or Convex 2 Filtration  
  • Foam barrier insulation  
  • Weather shield cover

Pros of DreamMaker Spas™ EZL  

  • Great for families  
  • Adjustable jet faces  
  • Lightweight design  
  • Syncrylic™ unibody construction – 7 colour options  
  • 5-year shell and structure warranty  
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty  

Cons of DreamMaker Spas™ EZL  

  • Ozone is optional  
  • No speaker or Bluetooth   
  • Cheaper looking appearance compared to an acrylic shell hot tub 

Artesian Spas™  

Artesian Spas™ offer five hot tub collections to meet a range of budgets. According to WhatSpa? Website, Artesian Spas™ range in price from £4,000 and under to more than £18,000.  

Their entry level option is the Garden Spas range, specifically their only 2-seater in any of their ranges, ‘Garden Spas; Azalea”.  

The price for Artesian Spas™ Azalea is not displayed on the website. You will need to visit a dealer or make contact online. 


Dimensions: 193 x 117 x 81cm (L x W x H) 


Main features of Artesian Spas™ Azalea 

  • Neck, back, legs and feet massage   
  • 21 stainless steel jets 
  • ArcticPac Insulation with ABS bottom 
  • Illuminating blue LED light  
  • Maintenance free cabinetry  
  • Digital control system  

Pros of Artesian Spas™ Azalea 

  • Compact size – fit into small spaces 
  • Lifetime structure warranty 
  • 1 year surface, electrical, plumbing and cabinet warranty 
  • 12-year structure warranty  
  • Ozone ready  
  • Plug and play  

Cons of Artesian Spas™ Azalea 

  • Ozonator, multicolour LED light and shell colour upgrade are optional not included  
  • Size is ideal for couple or singles. Less ideal for families  
  • Pricing not displayed  
Best cheap hot tubs uk play in sun with beach ball

Sun & Soul Spas™  

Sun and Soul Spas™ is a brand owned by Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd under Jacuzzi Group. Three hot tub models are available within the collection in the UK.

The SOUL500™ is a popular, simple and practical option, particularly for families. 


Sun & Soul Spas™ are available from Jacuzzi® stores and dealerships such as Hydrolife and priced from £4,999.  

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 84cm (L x W x H)


Main features of Sun and Soul SOUL500™ 

  • 34 jets with one lounger or 40 with two  
  • Perimeter Insulation   
  • Insulated high density cover with locking clips 
  • SpaNet™ heat pump (optional) 
  • Incline bromine dispenser and O-zone water purification for sanitization  
  • Multicolour LED lighting  
  • Lockable control panel for pumps and lights  
  • Wi-Fi App  
  • Bluetooth Stereo  
  • Plug and play option  

Pros of Sun and Soul SOUL500™ 

  • Great size for families  
  • Labour costs included within warranty  
  • Injection moulded frame with a lifetime warranty 
  • 10 year non pro rata structural warranty  
  • 5-year plumbing warranty  
  • 2-year pumps and controls warranty 
  • FourCore™ Shell Construction 
  • SmartFlo™ circulation pump 
  • SpaNet™ SV Mini™ Control System 
  • Illuminating Waterline Lighting 

Cons of Sun & Soul Spas™ Soul 500™ 

  • Audio and Wi-Fi kit are optional  
  • Does not have a cool down/child seat  
  • Only has one shell and cabinet option in most dealerships  
Sun and soul cheap hot tub outside in garden


We hope that this article has eased any assumptions around 'cheap hot tubs'.

There are some great options to consider with quality features, it's just a matter of knowing what factors to look for and what pros and cons that will come with lower-priced options matter to you.

If running costs is an important part of your buying decision, this article will answer your questions around daily average running costs for a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, what affects running costs and more. 

Interested in taking a closer look at a quality, lower priced Jacuzzi® Hot Tub?

You may like to take a closer look at the Jacuzzi® J-215™ hot tub with a lounge seat which is priced at £6,099.00, or the J-225™ with open seating which is priced at £6,499.00.

These are some of our hot tubs priced up to £9,500. You can take a closer look at all the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs we offer in this price category, or download our Hot Tub Buyer's Guide. 

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