Andrea McLean Jacuzzi Ambassador

Andrea McLean - Our Jacuzzi® Ambassador

Andrea McLean Jacuzzi Ambassador

Journalist, tv presenter, author and well being coach. Andrea McLean joined as a Jacuzzi® Ambassador in 2020 and invited us to her home while she took delivery of the J-475™ hot tub.

Scroll down to learn more about the partnership and how a Jacuzzi® hot tub has helped her wellbeing and family life.

Why IS This Partnership A Perfect Fit?

Andrea McLean family with hot tub

Bringing the family together

Andrea feels really excited for family time in the hot tub with her husband and two teenagers and feels like it will encourage everyone to come together. Andrea revealed that she kept the delivery a secret from her kids - they spotted the crane and whole family were buzzing and really excited!

Andrea mClean wellness

Wellness on your own terms

After switching careers from TV to setting up her own wellness and coaching business, This Girl is on Fire, Andrea went on transformative journey in 2019 after the pressures of fame took their toll and led to Andrea having an emotional breakdown. Andrea took the time out of the spotlight to focus on herself, having therapy sessions, and also follow her passion for service to start This Girl is on Fire. 

Andrea is an advocate for wellness and pausing and resting. She calls it a ‘power move.’ Andrea revealed to us that she loves the hot tub for the spa experience at home. She uses the hot tub to de-stress and switch off… being a fan of the garden gives Andrea a chance to spend time outdoors when the weather is cooler.

Andrea McLean physical health and recovery

physical health / recovery

Being a typical working family, Andrea and her husband Nick love exercise but suffer from the classic stiff necks and sore backs. The patented jets, lounger and high back silhouette of the J-475™ hot tub delivers a head to toe experience.

Andrea McLean podcast

"Don't live your life on someone else's terms!" | Andrea Mclean X Jacuzzi® Podcast S2 E3

Andrea spoke with host Ed Baxter on the downside of a success-driven mindset, the lessons of parenthood and what we can all do to help cut out the noise when life gets too much.

The Product Mix

Andrea McLean J-475

The Jacuzzi® J-475™ hot tub

For those looking to socialise or gather the family, the J-475™ is a spacious unit designed with functionality as well as exceptional performance in mind. Utilising the best of the J-400™ collection’s exclusive features and boasting varying height seats, offering shallow through to deep immersion, a lounge seat for full body immersion and the low-profile foot dome ensures the J-475™ truly delivers a head-to-toe experience.