Jacuzzi® ProClarity® Filter Cartridge Assembly for 40sqft Systems

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Product Details

Product Details

The genuine Jacuzzi® ProClarity™ system delivers the best filtration in the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub line-up. The 40 sqft pleated filter in combination with the ProClarity™ depth load filter captures the smallest particles in your hot tub water


  • Performance and fit qualified to Jacuzzi® factory standards
  • Complete assembly includes canister + 40 sqft pleated filter, and ProClarity™ depth load filter
  • Can be used to upgrade any J-300™ Collection filtration system in place of the 6000-383A 60 sqft filter 
  • Replace filter on the circulation pump side of your system (pulling water when jets are off) with this system to get Jacuzzi's best performance
  • ProClarity™ Depth Load Filter is replaced once every 3 months for the best performance
  • Use of non Jacuzzi® branded parts can adversely affect the quality of your spa experience. Damage to the hot tub due to unauthorized parts and accessories may void the warranty   

COMPATABILITY: The 2472-234 ProClarity™ Filtration Assembly is OEM factory standard on 2012+ Jacuzzi J-400 and all J-LX and J-500 Series. This part number includes the canister, as well as both filters (6473-157J + 6473-161J) and would be used if replacing an entire system, or upgrading the filtration on a J-300™ Collection model to include the superior ProClarity™ filtration system. 

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