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Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Sponsors Fitness Classes for Employees

Hot tub manufacturer promoting hydrotherapy’s health and wellness benefits helps employees incorporate fitness classes into their workday.

Chino Hills, CA. March 26, 2012– The hot tub company known for touting the everyday health benefits of hydrotherapy shows its commitment to promoting wellness by sponsoring fitness classes for employees. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs holds regular classes at the company’s Chino Hills office in a multi-purpose room. All fitness levels are welcome to attend classes taught by Brianna Armstrong, a Jacuzzi® finance department employee who is also a certified fitness instructor.

Armstrong teaches three classes per week, two lunchtime classes and one evening class. According to Armstrong, “The goal is to get employees moving, show them they can exercise and have fun while doing it. They should see improvements in their physical appearance as well as in their overall wellness…lower stress, more energy, improved mood, and better sleep.”

Hot tub hydrotherapy, the combination of heat, buoyancy and massage, can be an important part of exercising and staying healthy, according to the Jacuzzi® brand. Hot tub hydrotherapy is beneficial for stretching and increasing blood circulation. Improved circulation helps relieve muscles soreness following a workout and prevent cramping.

“Limber and flexible muscles help prevent injury and allow for increased range of motion,” says Armstrong. Hot tub hydrotherapy has also been shown to reduce stress and boost the body’s natural production of endorphins, a hormone that enhances feelings of wellbeing. Jacuzzi® hot tubs also cites studies demonstrating improved sleep patterns with regular hot tub hydrotherapy, and relief from the symptoms of arthritis and sore muscles.

“Employees’ participation in the on-site exercise classes has been growing,” according to Nathan Mangum, Director of Marketing. “Because Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs makes products designed to promote health and wellness, it makes sense to offer a way for our staff to easily incorporate a fitness routine into their daily lives.”

The Jacuzzi® brand promotes hot tub hydrotherapy as part of a personal exercise routine. Patented jets in their hot tub models are designed to deliver highly effective warm water massage variations, and provide relaxation and stress relief. Hot tub models are available in a wide range of sizes and prices from dealers worldwide.

About Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is committed to designing self-contained spas that combine warmth, water and air movement in invigorating massage combinations to rejuvenate, relax and reconnect. As the brand that virtually invented the hot tub and whirlpool bath categories, and with access to more than 250 patents granted to its affiliate, Jacuzzi is the recognized brand that continues to deliver the optimal hydrotherapy experience. For more information, visit or call (866) 234-7727.


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