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Baby Boomers Embrace Hydrotherapy Spa Benefits

A hydrotherapy spa is viewed as a ready means of relaxing, relieving stress, and opening lines of communication, according to 35-65 year old focus group respondents.

Chino Hills, CA.– A hydrotherapy spa can help bring balance to your life, according to participants in a research study of hot tub owners conducted by Jacuzzi® in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Atlanta, Georgia. Hot tub owners in the study were between the ages of 35-65, which includes the Baby Boom generation. They said that the idea of using a hot tub for therapy, or hydrotherapy, was very appealing because it provides relaxation and a place to be together.

The generation that came of age when home ownership was growing is now seeking ways to maintain their health and sense of well being at home. A hydrotherapy spa combines targeted jet action with warm water to create a hydrotherapy massage, which has beneficial results. The warm water increases circulation to bring relief to sore muscles and joints, while the direct hydrotherapy massage eases tension and stiffness. The water’s buoyancy reduces the body’s weight by as much as 80%, providing relief for joints and promoting easier movement.

“We heard from our focus group respondents that they appreciated how their Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is always there, an easy way to take time for yourself,” according to William Smelley, Senior Director of Marketing. “No matter what you’ve been through in the day, you can get back to a place where your spirit and body are more in tune with the way you want to feel.”

The benefits of regularly using a hydrotherapy spa include arthritis relief, improved sleep, and fewer pain symptoms. In Minneapolis, the focus group respondents described the pleasure they get from the warm water of a Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy spa on a cold day.

The limited research, conducted in July of 2010, also showed that respondents connected with the Jacuzzi brand of hydrotherapy hot tubs, and felt that the company’s long history in the hydrotherapy spa industry demonstrated quality and leadership.

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