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Jacuzzi Leads Class of Luxury Hot Tubs with J-400™ Collection’s ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Design

J-1000 Control System Represents Best in Class Technology

CHINO, Calif. – Reinventing the portable acrylic spa on the inside and out, the quartet of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-400™ Collection models “break out” of the stereotypical box with impressive styling that goes beyond flat, ordinary lines, says Vice President of Product Development and Design, Erica Moir. Engineered like no other Jacuzzi® hot tub, the “wow” factor continues through the patent-pending internal components, lighting, waterfalls, filtration systems and hydrotherapy jets.

“For more than 50 years, the Jacuzzi® brand has earned a reputation for developing products that are visually and technically distinctive,” notes Moir. “Homeowners find themselves drawn to the J-400™ Collection’s signature aesthetics; the designs stand out in a sea of cube-shaped hot tubs.”

Shape & Styling
The J-400s™ reveal their mystique on first glance. The collection’s unique, patent-pending styling emerges in the asymmetric acrylic lip along the back of the spa that rises up like a wave, over six inches higher than the rail in the front. There, the eyes find the perfect backdrop for the elevated WaterColour™ Waterfalls with an integrated state-of-the-art LED lighting system. Luxury appointments abound inside the spa, including built-in handrails, new ergonomic air controls, seating sculpted to the human form, convenient lighted cup holders, authentic metal detailing on jet escutcheons as well as innovative adjustable pillows for unmatched comfort.

Spa Pump, Lighting and Audio Functions Directed by J-1000™ Hot Tub Control
Whether enjoying the J-400™ Collection alone or with family or friends, the J-1000 Hot Tub Controller puts the user in command. The most technology advanced system in the industry, the J-1000 includes easy-to-use menus and a color screen with full motion graphics for simple control of the hydrotherapy pumps, lighting, audio systems and scheduled operational functions. There is even a remote control to monitor and operate systems from the comfort of the home.

Lighting and audio features help set the mood. The low-energy LED lighting package on this family of spas produces coordinated illumination from many sources including the WaterColour™ water feature, up lit beverage coasters and the PowerPro® IX jet. Select models include a special underwater luminescent logo and exterior lighting is also available for the outside corners. The system has the ability to produce almost limitless color options.

All models with the optional J-1000 Audio System Powered by JBL include 1GB of internal memory for storing music files, a USB port to transfer music from a home computer, an auxiliary MP3 plug in addition to a docking station made for iPod® and iPhone devices. This constitutes the most advanced audio and control system ever incorporated into a selfcontained hot tub. Surround sound speakers made by audio leader JBL are mounted into the sidewall of each spa. For added impact, a six inch subwoofer mounted deep inside the spa delivers a rumbling, intense bass effect.

Exclusive PowerPro® Jets
Several exciting hydrotherapy jets from the prestigious Jacuzzi® PowerPro® family are available exclusively in the J-400 Collection. The most visible is the PowerPro® IX jet, an illuminating, mass aspiration jet created for dramatic impact and pleasure. This maximum airflow jet merges with high output, low voltage LED lighting encircling the jet housing to create a champagne-like effect. Multi-hue light from the jet is carried by the bubbles as they rise from the bottom of the spa to the water surface.

Based on the form and function of the original Jacuzzi® jet created 50 years ago, the next generation PowerPro® MX2 continues the bold yet soft massage action that the PowerPro® MX is known for, but with modern performance and a high air-to-water aspiration ratio. Also included are the exclusive PowerPro® NX2 adjustable and directional neck jet, the ondemand, adjustable, rotating PowerPro® RX jets used on the Jacuzzi® RX Therapy Seat™ and the new PowerPro® FX2 Spinner jets that create a spiral swirling action in a wide swath.

High-Performance Water Filtration
The innovative ProStream™ circulation system lies at the heart of the J-400™ Collection. This efficient system produces extremely clear water by cycling 35 gallons per minute through a three-stage micro filtration process. First, the ProClear™ Skimmer removes floating debris and oils, then the ProClear™ Catch pre-filter bag removes larger particles from the bottom of the spa. The ProClear™ II, a two-part, pleated filter provides the final step to capture small particles in a disposable filter medium. Optional ProClear™ Ozone systems further enhance water purity. Reliable 56 frame pumps power the efficient system and a dedicated circulation pump performs two important tasks: circulating water through the filtration system and quietly running the WaterColour™ waterfalls to create the mood a homeowner desires. A heater with a high-quality titanium element keeps the water at the perfect temperature.

About Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is committed to designing self-contained spa products that combine warmth, water and air movement in invigorating massage combinations to rejuvenate, relax and reconnect. As the brand that virtually invented the hot tub and whirlpool bath categories 40 years ago, and with access to more than 250 patents granted to its affiliate Jacuzzi, Inc. worldwide for innovations in jet technology, air controls and product design, Jacuzzi® is the recognized brand that continues to deliver the optimal hydrotherapy experience. For more information, visit or call (866) 234-7727.

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