Jacuzzi Showers


fit our busy lifestyles. We talk about taking a "quick" shower, or "jumping" into the shower. With Jacuzzi showers, you'll enjoy the experience so much that you'll want to savor every moment.

Before you ever experience the feeling of one of our showers, take a look at our designs. The gracefully shaped Bellavista line of showers (rain shower head and jetted shower head) features:

  • 8- or 10-inch rain shower head with solid brass construction
  • More than 100 spray nozzles for a natural, all-over spray
  • Traditional multi-jet shower head lets you adjust the direction of the spray and control the shower flow

You have choices of styles and sizes (up to 12 inches across) in the rain shower head style. With the modern Fuzion shower heads, a slender profile naturally increases the water pressure as it flows, for vigorous showers. The all-metal construction Fuzion shower heads introduce strikingly clean design to shower enclosures.

With a complete Jacuzzi shower panel, you can refresh yourself with rain showers or use the hand-held multi-function jetted shower head - both types of shower heads are included on each of the shower's panels.

If you're starting your new shower from the ground up, build on a base with the exclusive Jacuzzi TruLevel system. Shower bases are easier to install and more stable with TruLevel. For pure pleasure, add a built-in ProSteam steam generator and shower enclosure - showers are incredibly comfortable when you're enveloped in a cloud of hot misty air. Check out all the color and size options in shower bases for shower enclosures.

Sumptuous showers often include a complete shower panel, such as the Ristorre Metallo deluxe chrome shower panel. Get the haute look and advanced functionality of custom showers without the trouble of adding all new plumbing and drains. Complement almost any decor with the Ristorre Onda and Ristorre Ovale showers in chic glass and chrome.

Taking showers might always be a hurry-up activity, but daily showers with Jacuzzi can help restore your energy, relax overused muscles and refocus a harried attitude. Let the water from a Jacuzzi shower wash over you and see what a difference it can make in your day.