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What is ozone and is it good for my hot tub? (Review, considerations and more)

January 28, 2023

Estimated read time - 4.5 minutes

Author – Phil Sharp - Freelance Writer 

Thinking of buying a hot tub that uses ozone, considering features and asking yourself ‘What is ozone?’ ‘How is ozone used in a hot tub?’ And ‘What is an ozone generator?’ Then let us help.

In this article you will learn the answers to these questions and more.

By understanding exactly what role ozone plays with the running of a hot tub, you’ll be able to work out if this is a water care feature you want to utilise in your hot tub.

Ozone in a Jacuzzi® hot tub

Disclaimer - In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (January 29, 2023) and may change without notice.

What is ozone in a hot tub?

Ozone (or O3) is a gas that has effective purifying qualities, and when incorporated into water can provide an eco-friendly way to clean hot tubs.

It has a slight smell but it’s not nearly as strong as chemical counterparts.

When ozone is generated, it only lasts for a split second during the time it’s injected into the water. 

Why do I need ozone in a hot tub?

You don’t have to have ozone added to your hot tub water - and not all hot tubs come with ozonators as standard. Your hot tub can work equally work well with just sanitiser. You will find yourself using more product to maintain the water clarity. 

Of course chlorine or bromine treatment will take care of nearly all bacteria and pathogens, but ozone is that extra peace of mind solution. It works all the time in a hands-free way. There’s no dosing or chemical checking required.

Jets on in a Jacuzzi® hot tub

What is an ozonator and how does it work?

The main role of an ozonator is to create oxidised water. This treated water is then pumped into the hot tub and combines with the existing chemically treated water. It can then filter out organic and inorganic materials in the water.  

The oxidisation process creates thousands of oxygen molecules. When these tiny molecules come into contact with microscopic pathogen particles (bacteria), the molecules dissolve them. 

What is an Ultraviolet Light Ozonator and how does it work?

In nature, the ultraviolet rays of the sun has always had a purifying effect on germs and bacteria. And ultraviolet light ozonators use this theory as their basis for cleaning hot tub water. 

Ozonated water passes over a small UV bulb. This is where the oxidisation process creates the oxygen molecules needed. The oxidised water is then pumped through the whole hot tub. 

The J-200™ Collection at a glance

What is a Corona Discharge Ozonator and how does it work?

Corona discharge ozonators work in a different way, they harness the ionisation process from electricity.

Just like lightning strikes, the corona discharge ozonators create plasma through bursts of electricity. It’s the creation of plasma that begins the generation of ozone and the oxidisation processes.

The process is totally safe and uses mild amounts of electricity that are no different to the levels of energy required to power the pumps, lights and filters of your hot tub. 

Current beliefs and trends within the hot tub industry tend to favour corona discharge ozonators. In fact this is the preferred ozone generator used by Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs.

They use up to date modern technology and are slightly more efficient in their process. But like many features and benefits in a hot tub, some brands will favour one over the other and vice versa. Just like consumers have favourite features on the products they buy.

To give you an idea of two brands using this technology, Jacuzzi® utilises ultraviolet light with the brand’s CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ technology. Hot Spring® Spas currently use Corona discharge cell technology in their FreshWater® Ozone System.

Hands in clean hot tub water

Is ozone in a hot tub safe for humans?

Yes, ozone in its pure form is potentially hazardous. However the system that Jacuzzi® incorporates, ozone levels and the process to install and use it safe for hot tub use. 

Can ozone cause damage to a hot tub?

Yes, the ozone systems that Jacuzzi® installs to hot tubs and swim spas have no known effect to the hot tubs.

Is ozone in a hot tub right for me?

This really is a personal preference to be honest. Yes there are extra costs to consider, the maintenance and replacement of system parts in the long term and potential damage caused if the ozonator is fitted or used incorrectly.

To recap, the benefits of using ozone in a hot tub include -

-Cleaner, clearer water. Kills 99.9% of existing bacteria and pathogens for healthy water quality.

-Reduces level of sanitiser required. Will save you money.

-Kinder to skin. Less sanitiser reduces risk of skin irritation. 

Jacuzzi® hot tub at night


Hopefully this article has helped you understand why and how ozone is used in a hot tub, the role and types of ozonators and what to be mindful of. 

Still have some questions? We recommend you visit the team of experts at your local showroom. Click below to find a Jacuzzi® showroom near you. You can also download our Hot Tub Buyer's Guide.

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