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Top 5 hot tub buyer mistakes and how to avoid them

March 28, 2023 

Estimated read time – 9 minutes 

Author – Fin Green – Content Writer UK, Jacuzzi Group 

Are you thinking of buying a hot tub, conscious of making the right choice but in the back of your mind thinking, “I’m not sure what I should be aware of, and I really don’t want to make the wrong decision." 

Top 5 hot tub buyer mistakes

A hot tub is an investment, and we understand there are a lot of factors to think about as you take your first steps towards finding your ideal model. To help you out, we’ve compiled the 5 common buyer mistakes people make, so you can avoid coming up against the same challenges, whether it’s during or after buying a hot tub.  

This will help put you at ease, knowing how to dodge common hurdles so you can buy a hot tub that you will love and enjoy for many years! 

1. Focusing on hot tub prices

A lot of people regularly make the mistake of buying or not buying a hot tub due to the initial price.  

For example, if you’re researching hot tubs and scoping out the price range, chances are the £4000 price tag may look more appealing than the £12,000 spa pool, right? 

The more you research, the more you will learn that innovation, design, jetting, equipment, materials, manufacturing, energy efficient features and much more are all crucial factors that go into the creation of a high quality, long lasting, hot tub. 

As a result, this means that a quality hot tub will come with a higher price tag and will also be equipped with features that help lower long-term running costs. You may now be thinking ‘but I can't afford £12,000!’- You don’t have to.  

Finance is not a bad thing, a debt, or a burden. It can be the solution that breaks down the barrier that may be stopping you from buying a hot tub that ticks the boxes for you, versus the hot tub you can afford to buy outright but know deep down it’s not really ‘the one’. 

You can take a look at our flexible finance options here. This will give you an idea of how different packages work. We understand this may be the first time you’ve thought about finance, but it may be an option to consider. 

The bottom line is, it’s best to not judge a hot tub on its higher price tag. Take some time to learn about the brand and if they tick the factors mentioned earlier in this section.

If the price is at the entry or top of the range end, there is usually a good reason for it. 

Hot tub prices

2. Underestimating the maintenance of a hot tub 

How much maintenance does my hot tub need? The million-pound question that everyone wants to know before purchasing!  

Just like a car, boat, house or other large investment, regular and essential upkeep of a hot tub will keep it in great working condition for years to come. It’s also worth knowing that some hot tub brands, particularly quality and reliable ones require less maintenance than you may think.  

Personal Maintenance  

Personal hot tub maintenance varies based on what hot tub you have and how much you use it. Hot tub maintenance can span between daily, weekly, quarterly, bi-monthly and yearly. It entirely depends on the brand and model you’re considering.  

Here’s a summary of what you can expect over the course of a year. 

Daily: Test water and add chemicals if needed  

Weekly: Clean filter  

Every 3 months: Drain and refill hot tub water 

Yearly: Replace filter 

Failing to know the right maintenance can lead to water quality issues, jets getting blocked and more. 

We highly recommend you ask your retailer exactly what maintenance is required for your specific hot tub and how often you need to carry these certain elements out.  

This means you’ll be fully aware before you make buy a hot tub and feel at ease, knowing you can incorporate the maintenance requirements into your life. At the end of the day, maintenance should feel straightforward and stress-free. 

Hot tub maintenance

3. Carrying out little research before buying a hot tub 

How much research do I need to do before buying a hot tub? If you want to buy with absolute confidence, putting time aside to read articles and watch videos is time well spent. Allocating little or no time to research may leave you with buyer regrets down the track. 

Why do people buy a hot tub without doing research?  

Whether it be the features, visual desirability, specification, price that catch your eye, we recommend that unless you have done your research, you take time to step back and have a think before locking in the first option you see. 

  • Buying based on appearance - The design may tick the boxes for you, but is the quality of the hot tub as good as it looks? 

  • Buying from advertisements - Does the price match the quality of the product?  

  • Buying due to cheap price - The chances of a cheaper hot tub having higher running costs is high due to the cheaper materials that might have been used. Read reviews before purchasing. 

  • Buying due to free add-ons - Everyone loves free things, but make sure the features and quality of the hot tub is priority over a good deal. 


What can I learn about hot tubs by doing my research first? 

Like buying a new TV or a car, it’s highly likely you’ll be wanting to know the good points and the problems before making a purchase decision. 

Time devoted to understanding what costs are involved when buying and using a hot tub, reading reviews, issues, best options on the market, how-to guides and more can reap many benefits for you. Why? It will raise your confidence, boost your trust in the salesperson and brand you’re buying from and equip you with knowledge that you can continue to use as a hot tub owner.  

The best way to research a hot tub or brand you are interested in, would be to book a ‘wet test’ in a show room. Get in your swim gear, undergo a demonstration of the product and simply kick back and relax. If that hot tub isn't ‘the one’, you can try another!  

You will also be able to learn and gain a lot of knowledge by being face-to-face with the salesperson. By doing this you will gain a great understanding of how to physically use each feature and component to its full potential, as well as asking any questions that may spring to mind.  

luxury hot tubs

4. Under prioritising cost saving benefits of good insulation 

Insulation is hard to see, easily overlooked but plays a crucial role in the overall enjoyment and running costs of a hot tub.  

Customers buying hot tubs online or visiting a showroom may not be shown the insulation features of the hot tub, and it’s quite easy to forget to ask when your eyes are drawn to the seats, jets and water features! This could lead to buying a hot tub that looks great but may take more time and money than you’re satisfied with, to keep at your desired temperature. 

It’s important to keep in mind that some hot tubs on the market may only be fitted with one layer of insulation, whereas higher end options may be fitted with multiple layers of insulation.  

Quality insulation will help maintain the heat of the water longer than a hot tub with less insulation. Therefore, keeping your bills lower throughout your hot tub's lifespan.  

Ask the salesperson or enquire online about the type of insulation used, where it’s placed and its proven effectiveness at reducing running costs.  

The next step is to ask what the running costs are. A good hot tub brand should be able to provide you with accurate data of their running costs either from customers, their show rooms or any apps that their hot tubs are compatible with. 

To learn more about insulation, read this useful article – Hot tub insulation (Good, better, best) 

Cost saving benefits of good hot tub insulation

5. Assuming all companies offer after-sales support and good hot tub warranties 

You may assume all hot tub companies have supportive, reliable aftercare however, like many industries, standards vary.  


The last thing you want is to buy a hot tub and feel you’re left out on your own, hard to reach after sales team and warranties that don’t provide you with peace of mind. 


A key part of understanding the small print and making sure you have unconditional support post-purchase is making sure you are buying from a company that you know has a good after sales support team. 


You can do this by looking at reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot, to make sure that the brand you are interested in purchasing from has a good aftercare rating and reviews that assure you that you’ll be in great hands during your buying and installation journey.


You may then want to ask some questions in-store or explore pages on the company website to help you get an idea of the service you will receive if you decide to buy. This may include - 

  • What support will you provide me after I buy a hot tub? 

  • How long will this support be available to me? 

  • How long does it take your after sales team to respond to an email or phone call? 

  • Do you charge a call-out fee if an engineer needs to visit my property? 

  • Is the hot tub warranty backed by the manufacturer 

If you like the sound of the answers you receive, you’ll be on track to buying from a business that will look after you. 



Hopefully this article has helped you to raise your awareness of the common mistakes you can avoid as a new hot tub owner.


By pointing out the problems and identifying the solutions, you should be able to keep these five points in mind as you continue your search in finding the best hot tub for you!


Planning a store visit to see some hot tubs in the flesh? Interested in booking time to try one out for comfort and size? Before heading out, we recommend reading this article on the top points to keep in mind for a quality showroom visit experience. 

You can also download our Jacuzzi® Hot Tub brochure or visit your nearest Jacuzzi showroom in the UK.