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How much does a hot tub cost in the UK 2023? (Hot tub prices, advice and more)

July 13, 2023

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Adam Sewell - Content Writer

Annabella Garwood – Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hot tub, one of the first questions you may be asking yourself is, 'how much do hot tubs cost?' If you’re nodding your head, you can be rest assured this is a very common question our Jacuzzi® sales teams receive all the time!  


Have you started to shop around? You’ll have noticed that there’s hot tubs on the market in the UK that cost less than £300 for inflatable options, to more than £25,000 for hardshell hot tubs.

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are priced between £6,999 and £17,999.

So, why the price range gap? 

Hot tubs on tiles in English garden

In this article you will learn -

-Why hot tub prices are so different?  

-Price ranges for different hot tub types  

-What you should know about hot tub energy costs  

-What you should know about hot tub running costs  

-Handy buying tips  


By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how much hot tubs cost and other factors to consider beyond the purchase price.

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (July 13, 2023) and may change without notice. 

Hot tub prices in the UK – Why is the price range so large?  


Yes, hot tub price tags range from cheap and affordable to some top-end figures. We’re talking about hot tubs that you can buy in a box, bring home in your car and inflate yourself, to hot tubs that may require a crane or hiab and landscaping work to be placed into position and become an eye-catching product in your space  


Here are some important factors that play a role in the price tags you see for different hot tub types in the UK.    

Hot tub construction materials   

The greater the cost of sourcing and using materials, the greater the hot tub price tag is likely to be.  


If we take the hot tub shell as an example, inflatable hot tubs are typically made from PVC or similar materials and will generally be fairly inexpensive to produce. A hardshell option, particularly quality options, will be made with a combination of acrylic and fibreglass that is produced and applied layer-by-layer in a factory.

Features and Accessories  

Some hot tubs will be equipped with more features than others. This may include built-in massage jets, control systems, LED lighting, audio systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. The greater the quality of components used, the more the hot tub is likely to cost to buy.   

Energy Efficiency and Technology  

In relation to the previous point, hot tubs that are equipped with energy efficient features and technology - such as advanced control systems, quality multi-layered insulation and an effective filtration system, can cost more to buy than hot tubs that offer the minimum. 

Why? This could be a combination of investment in research and development as well as extra components fitted. The benefit of paying more upfront means that you save money on running costs, over the lifetime of the hot tub.  

Shipping location   

Some hot tub brands have more manufacturing facilities around the world than others. If a hot tub is to be shipped a significant distance to your location, particularly a hardshell option, some of this cost may be reflected in the hot tub price tag.

Hot tub warranty and after sales service  

It can be easy to forget about this part but the hot tub warranty type and level of service you receive afterwards may influence the hot tub price.  


If you are given the peace of mind that the warranty for your hot tub will for example:

-Cover all call-out services and replacement parts  

-You can make contact with the customer service team before and after your hot tub is purchased and installed.

The extra money you pay for the hot tub worth it. 

Jacuzzi hot tub salesperson with customer

What makes a good quality hot tub?  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at all the things a hot tub can offer when you’re scrolling through a product page on a website or thumbing through a brochure! To make life easier for you, here are the top features you should look for -  


1 Jets

Quality over quantity for effective hydrotherapy and hydromassage  

2 Water sanitation and filtration system

To ensure clean, clear, safe water to relax in  

3 Materials and insulation

For increased durability and energy efficiency  

4 Control system

Easy to use and reliable  

5 Seating

The right seating arrangement, ergonomic design and are the right shape and size for you and those using the hot tub  


To learn more about the above points, we recommend you read this article.  

How much do inflatable hot tubs cost in the UK?  

An inflatable hot tub uses a blower to inflate the walls and power the jets. It also uses a heater keeps the water warm.

An inflatable hot tub can also be set up from a box kit you can buy in store or online and assemble quickly. The walls are made from materials including PVC and reinforced vinyl.   


You’ll find there’s are a range of entry level to quality hot tubs in the UK. In general though, they are not designed to match the longevity that a quality hot tub can have, which is 20 years or more.  

Inflatable hot tub near river

On the other hand, they are very transportable, you can deflate and store when not in use and if you’re tossing up between buying an inflatable or hardshell hot tub, an inflatable can be a good place to start.  


The price ranges for popular inflatable hot tub brands in the UK are:  

  • Lay-Z Spa™ Airjet™ price range - £198 to £1,699  


  • MSpa® Premium series price range - £199 to £600  


  • Intex® Pure Spa price range (on Amazon™) - £269 to £1,644  

For more details on inflatable hot tubs, we recommend you read this review article.

How much do portable hot tubs cost in the UK?  

A portable hot tub is a fully self-contained, freestanding hot tub that can be relocated if needed. Essential components such as the heater, pumps and plumbing are all contained within the cabinet. This is different to an inflatable hot tub where the components mentioned above are housed separate to the tub.  


Portable hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and they vary in quality too, creating a varying price range in the UK market. Top of the range options are designed to last up to around 20 years or more, so you can think of the price tag being spread across many years.

Jacuzzi hot tub portable

Entry level options tend to start from around £2,700 and top of the range hot tubs can top £25,000.  


Here’s an overview of some of the portable hot tub brand price ranges you’ll find in the UK.  


How much do Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

The cost of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in the UK range in price from £6,225 to £17,999.  


How much do Sun & Soul™ Spas cost in the UK?  

Sun and Soul™ Spas range in price from £3,999 to £4,999. 


How much do Hydropool™ Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

Hydropool™ Hot Tubs range in price from £7,295 to £20,995.  


How much do Master Spas® Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

The Master Spas® UK site does not display pricing. Pricing is displayed on the Hot Tub Superstore website and ranges from £5,495 to £19,995. 


How much do Hot Spring® Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

Hot Spring® has a pricing guide on its website which states that between the four collections, prices start from £3,185 for Freeflow Spas® and from £14,995 for the Highlife® Collection. They recommend speaking to a dealer for local pricing.  


How much do Wellis® Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

The Wellis® Sussex website displays hot tub pricing which ranges from £5,999 to £21,499.  


How much do Arctic Spas® cost in the UK?  

The Arctic Spas® website does not display pricing. Pricing is displayed on the Hot Tubs Staffordshire website and ranges from £4,999 to £13,249 


How much do Platinum Spas™ Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

The Platinum Spas™ website does not display pricing. Pricing is displayed on the Platinum Hot Tubs Essex website and ranges from £4,299 to £9,499. 


How much do Artesian Spas™ Hot Tubs cost in the UK?  

The Artesian Spas™ website does not display pricing. Pricing is displayed on the Azure Pools and Hot Tubs website. Prices start from £4,600 for the Garden Spas range and from £18,250 for the Elite range. 

Wood fired hot tub in the outdoors

What is a wood fired hot tub and how much do they cost?

A wood-fired spa is heated using a log-fired stove in place of electricity. Some options on the market also allow for other heating materials to be used e.g. natural gas, solar or electricity.  


Wood-fired hot tubs tend to be round and depending on the size, can seat between 3 to 10 people. They can take around 3 hours (but this could be less or more, depending on brand and model) to heat the water to your desired temperature. They can also be used as a cold plunge tub.  


Most wood-fired hot tubs won’t have jets, and any that do will be powered by electricity. If the tub doesn’t have an effective water filtration system, the water will need to be drained and refilled more regularly than other hot tub options that have advanced filtration systems and use certain products to treat the water.  


In general, wood fire hot tubs tend to have a great design aesthetic and can look the part in a range of outdoor settings.  

How much do Skarsgards™ hot tubs cost in the UK?  

Skarsgards™ hot tubs ranges in price from £2,990 to £4,990.   

How much do Gardenivity™ wood fired hot tubs cost in the UK?  

Gardenivity™ wood fired hot tubs range in price from £3,910 to £4,400.  

How much do Cotswold Eco Tub models cost in the UK?  

Cotswold Eco Tubs range in price from £3,575 to £7,399.  

What impacts hot tub energy costs?  

Energy costs is one of the costs that continues, beyond the purchase of a portable hot tub. If you’re aware before purchasing a hot tub of what general factors play a role in energy consumption and what features hot tubs may come with to help keep these costs to a minimum, you should be able to avoid feel fully aware of the costs you can expect. 

For further peace of mind, some hot tubs have special smart systems that will show you your hot tub energy usage and give you estimates of how much energy you can save.  

Jacuzzi hot tub on a raised deck in garden

Listed below are some general factors that can play a role in how much energy a hot tub uses. 



The warmer the climate, the less your hot tub heater will need to work to maintain the water temperature.  


Hot tub water temperature  

The warmer you heat the water, the more energy you will draw from the heater.  


Hot tub insulation  

The more effective the insulation – (including the hot tub cover, within the cabinet and underneath the hot tub) the more heat the hot tub will be able to retain, and the less energy you’ll need to use to keep the water at your desired temperature.  


Hot tub usage  

The more time you spend using hot tub features such as jets and lighting, the more energy you will use.  


Time of year and day  

The national average per kilowatt of electricity may change throughout the year, based on demand (Demand for electricity is higher in the winter). Human activity throughout the day can also influence energy demand in a 24-hour period.  


Hot tub placement   

A hot tub that’s sheltered from weather elements, for example, under a shade structure or tucked into a corner, will be more protected from sudden weather changes which can change the water temperature. This is important to keep in mind, especially if this happens when you have the cover off and are using the hot tub.  


Test strips for a hot tub

What are the other costs of running a hot tub?   

Like any significant investment such as a car or house, regular hot tub maintenance is essential to keep it in best working condition. Some other continual costs to think about with portable hot tubs include -  

1 Hot tub chemicals 

Clean, healthy hot tub water is vital for keeping the internal parts running smoothly and for the health of those using the hot tub. It also helps the hot tub look fresh and inviting when the cover is off!  

The general chemicals and products required may include -

-Sanitiser (chlorine or bromine)   

-pH increaser and pH decreaser   

-Alkalinity increaser   

-pH testing strips   

-Shock treatments  

-and more  

Are you thinking about running your hot tub as a salt water hot tub? You can learn more about the products associated with running on this system in this article.  

2 Replacing hot tub parts  

Just like cars need their wheels replaced when they lose tread, you’ll find that some hot tub parts may need replacing over its lifetime. This list doesn’t cover all parts that need replacing, this is is a sample of what you can expect.  

-Head rests  



-Hot tub cover  


3 Hot tub service  

We use the car analogy a fair bit in this article but as you may be anticipating, sticking to recommended servicing for a hot tub (like you would for a car) will ensure that the internal components are functioning well, and any repairs and replacements are addressed quickly.  


When it comes to Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in the UK, we have a team of trained service technicians, engineers and install teams to complete work including an 8-point service (recommended twice year). This includes operational electrical and plumbing checks as well as a clean and polish of the outside of the hot tub.  


The annual service package costs (2 per year) in the UK in 2023 are  

  • Jacuzzi® J-200™ - £599  
  • Jacuzzi® J-300™ - £599  
  • Jacuzzi® J-400™ and J-500™ - £599  

A monthly direct debit option is available. Single services are available for £329 for all Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs.  

Overhead shot of a Jacuzzi hot tub in garden


Now you’ve reached the end of this article, you should have a great understanding of -

-Why hot tubs range in price in the UK  

-How much hot tubs costs in the UK, across different hot tub types and brands  

-Key information to know about hot tub energy and maintenance costs  

-And some handy buying tips that will help you avoid buying a hot tub that you may regret  


We’ve included a number of useful reads that you’ll find in our Learning Hub Articles. You may find these really useful, no matter what stage you are at on your buying or browsing journey!


Are you wanting to focus your options on the best hot tubs in the UK market? We recommend you read this article for an review of what we consider to be the best hot tub brands in the UK. 

If you do have quite a strict budget and are curious to know if you can pay less but still get a hot tub that will deliver the goods and is still of reputable quality in the industry?

Have a read of this review article that mentions brands we believe offer the best cheap hot tubs in the UK. 

For more details about Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, download out hot tub brochure or find your nearest showroom and speak to our hot tub experts.  

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