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Where to buy a hot tub in the UK 2023

March 28, 2023 

Estimated read time – 6 minutes 

Author – Fin Green – Content Writer UK, Jacuzzi Group 

Thinking of buying a hot tub and wondering how to take a confident step in the right direction? Are you based in the UK and wondering where to start looking for a hot tub and what’s on offer in your area? 

Where to buy a hot tub in UK 2023

When you search ‘where can I buy a hot tub’? Or ‘hot tubs for sale near me’ and see the countless results appear online, it may feel overwhelming. We understand! 

Luckily, we have created this article to help paint a picture of brands available in the UK, where hot tubs are sold, store visit tips and more.  

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (March 28, 2023) and may change without notice. 

What hot tub brands are available in the UK? 

To put it simply, there are many hot tub brands on offer in the UK. The brand you end up choosing should be a reputable one, with good quality products and customer service. 


Listed below are some popular hot tub brands in the UK. 

  • Jacuzzi® 
  • Sundance™ Spas® 
  • HotSpring® 
  • Wellis Spa® 
  • Villeroy and Boch® 
  • Master Spas® 
  • Hydropool® 
  • DreamMaker Spas® 
  • Sun & Soul Spas™ 
  • Vortex Spas™ 
  • British Hot Tubs™ 

Where can I buy hot tubs in the UK?

Hot tubs can be purchased from many parts of the UK. This includes Tillicoultry in Scotland to Waterlooville in the south of England, Pembrokeshire in Wales and up to Ballymena in Northern Ireland. 

In the following sections in this article, you will learn about the variety of store types and shows that you can purchase a hot tub from, as well as some handy buying tips.

Hot tub retail stores in the UK 

Hot tub brands, like those listed above, tend to sell their products through independent resellers across the UK. These are retailers who have their own stores. 

They vary in size and you’ll find there are some large retailers with multiple stores including North Spas, Hydrolife and Outdoor Living. 

Many hot tub retailers in the UK, also known as dealerships, offer one or a number of brands. Jacuzzi sell hot tubs and swim spas through more than 30 dealerships in the UK.  

Wondering where these stores are located? Click here to find a store near you.

Manufacture owned hot tub stores in the UK 

Some hot tub manufactures own their own stores in the UK, as well as offering their products through resellers. For example, HotSpring®, Wellis Spa®, Hydropool and Jacuzzi® own some of their stores. 

Jacuzzi® owns three stores in the UK. These stores are located in Manchester, Worcestershire and Hertfordshire. 

Hot tubs for sale UK

Reputable Home and Hardware stores in the UK 

Shops such as Argos® and B&Q® both stock a selection of hot tubs (hardshell and inflatable) as well as accessories, chemicals and much more.  

There are some hot tub manufacturers and dealers who have their products stocked in these shops so they can reach customers who may not live near a retail store. This means you will have access to support, installation and service from the dealer or manufacturer you buy from. 

You will also find that some brands may have their hot tub store situated within a garden centre. An example of this is the Jacuzzi Manchester store based inside the Bents Garden and Home Centre in Warrington. 

Shows, events and fairs in the UK 

The UK is a great place for businesses to sell their products at shows, fairs and events. They vary in size too. Shows on the annual calendar around the country include:

  • Large national shows – including the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs 

  • County shows - including the Yorkshire Show 

  • Events - including the Royal Horticultural Show (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show 

Not only are these shows and events lively and have a great atmosphere, they are also a fantastic way to meet the brand or manufacturer face to face and learn about the products displayed too. 

Online hot tub stores in the UK 

Retailers and manufacture owned stores will offer the ability to both buy in store or buy online. The opportunity to buy online can be useful if you’re based in a remote location or do not have the ability to visit a showroom. There are also a small number of suppliers in the UK who sell lower price point products online only, and do not have a physical store or showroom for customers to visit.  

These products sold ‘online only’ typically have a cheaper price tag. That’s because there are no overhead fixed costs that come with displaying and selling hot tubs in stores. An example of an online only business is Blue Whale Spa™. 

A lot of brands, including Jacuzzi, do not allow resellers to sell hot tubs as ‘online only’. Some brands maintain a view that customers should have the opportunity to wet test hot tubs and try them out for comfort, size, appearance and usability.

This enables you as a customer to know if the hot tub ticks the boxes for you, or if you’re best to explore other options. 

What to look for when visiting a hot tub or swim spa store in the UK? 

One of the first steps to a positive buying experience is the type of store you enter. From the surroundings to the people serving you, it can make a world of difference.  

Here are our Top 7 points you should keep in mind before you enter each hot tub store. 

1 - Clean, tidy and proud looking store. 

2 - Decent length of time in business.  

3 - Trusting, attentive salespeople. 

4 - Customer reviews on reputable online sites.  

5 - Product pricing displayed on the website. 

6 - Fair warranties.  

7 - Quality after-sales service. 

For more details, read this article that will help you become aware of key points to keep in mind as you make plans to visit showrooms. 

When should I buy my hot tub? 

Knowing the right time to buy a hot tub comes down to personal preference. We believe that when you feel you understand the basic workings of the hot tub, estimated running costs, maintenance involved, and the salesperson makes you feel confident with the tub you're considering, this is the time you should feel set and ready to buy a hot tub.  

Wondering if you should buy a hot tub in time for the wintry months? A common question people ask is ‘can I buy my hot tub in winter?’ The answer is yes! A lot of hot tub owners actually use their hot tub in winter just as much as in summer. Read this article to learn more.   


Hopefully this article has equipped you with a great understanding of where you can buy a Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in the UK, brands on offer, places to buy them as well as useful buying tips. For more details on where you can buy a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in the UK, click here to locate the closest store near you.

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