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Hot tub shelter ideas in 2023 (Pros, cons, and more)

July 20, 2023

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Adam Sewell – Content Writer 

Annabella Garwood – Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group 

Thinking of putting your hot tub under cover? Considering a shelter solution can come with many benefits including weather protection and the potential to create a wonderful backyard oasis.   

In this article, we’ll explore what hot tub shelters for sale or available in the UK. By also listing their pros and cons, this should give you a great sense of inspiration and confirmation about what option could be best for you. 

Hot tub under an umbrella

Disclaimer - Some images used in this article are not Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. They are brand and models owned by Jacuzzi Group.

Outdoor umbrella  

Outdoor umbrellas can be placed in the centre of a table but they can also make great shelters for a hot tub. You will find there are multiple brands and styles on the market which allow the umbrella to tilt, rotate and when it comes to positioning, some can be placed on a strong, movable base, which could be placed near the hot tub. There are others on the market that can be mounted to the wall.  


Movable - Can tilt, rotate or relocate with the moving sun or change in weather  

Non-permanent shade solution - Can close the canopy when not in use.  


Cost - A quality, durable outdoor umbrella with features including marine-grade and UV protection fabric, a strong metal structure and a reliable open/close mechanism is likely to cost more.  

Durability - Depending on typical weather conditions in your area, an outdoor umbrella may not withstand strong or sudden changes in weather as well as permanent structure.  

Custom structure for hot tub   

If you have the space and disposable income to do it, a bespoke building that’s custom built around the hot tub space to meet building regulations in your area could be an option to consider.  


This provides a number of ways to create an indoor space outdoors. It could be fitted with additional comforts such as a bar, seating area or even form part of a wellbeing space with a sauna or steam room too.   



Custom design - Create a shape and space you want to exact specifications.   

Wellbeing area - Can design a wellness area with additional features to create a relaxing atmosphere.   



Can be expensive - Bespoke builds can be expensive and might not fit your budget.   

Takes time - May take longer to complete installation project, depending on what you are building.   

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in summer flowers

Garden shelter for hot tub  

If you have a tiered garden, you could incorporate the hot tub into one of them. You could also surround the hot tub with plants and shrubbery to help reduce noise and provide a natural enclosure for a cosy atmosphere.   



Appearance - Either as a centrepiece or as an accompaniment to your own personal haven from the world.  

Cost effective – You may be able to utilise what you have, saving you time and money.  


Permanent arrangement - Removing or changing the garden might alter the overall look.   

More maintenance – You may spend more time scooping out leaves, seeds and twigs from your hot tub water. You may also need to regularly prune or trim back branches to create space or reduce falling debris.  

Garden shelter for hot tub

Roof overhang for hot tub  

Your property might have an overhanging roof; if it does, it could provide a great space to put a hot tub under, giving you all year-round protection without having to create a shelter.     



Easy shelter - Already there and requires no additional building.  

Additional features - Depending on size can have a seating area attached.  



Permanent fixture - No ability to rearrange or create a bespoke shelter.   

Size - Might be too small for the hot tub you are purchasing.  

Hot tub under a wooden gazebo

Gazebo for hot tub  

A gazebo is a great option if you’re looking for a semi-permanent, or permanent structure with a solid roof. A gazebo can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal and fabric.

There are low price options on the market made of poles and canvas and there are others which can be custom designed (including with wooden lattice designs and curtains) to look the part and be a statement in your hot tub space.  



Flexible - Can be created in different sizes using different materials. 


Price Wide price range makes a gazebo an option for many budgets  



Restricted view - Depending on your garden or view, it might obstruct it.   

Fixed roofA permanent roof means you don’t have the option to spend time soaking under sunshine.  

Hot tub under a louvre aluminium pergola

Pergola for hot tub

A pergola is a shade and design structure that features posts and cross beams or louvres to create an open-air roof. 

A pergola, like a gazebo, can be made with multiple materials such as wood or metal. They are popular shade structures for hot tubs because the open-air roof, particularly louvre options, provides the best of both worlds – full sunlight or complete shelter from weather or UV rays.  



Retractable or rotational roofs for sunlight or shelter They can be turned with a remote control or handle. Open air wooden designs don’t provide the option for complete shelter.  

Range of structures and designs There are wood, metal (aluminium) options on the market for design and structure options.  



Fixed structureFor safety reasons, most pergolas need to be fixed to the ground.  

Cost Although pergolas are among the most durable, they’re not the cheapest shelter option on the market.  

You can learn more about gazebos and pergolas by reading this comparison article below. 

Hot tub on a deck

Can you put a hot tub under a covered patio?  

Yes, a hot tub can be placed under a covered patio, as long as the following factors are considered:  

-The foundation for the hot tub meets regulations and can withstand the weight of a filled tub and people

-Good ventilation to prevent moisture build up and effective air circulation  

-There is room, as recommended by your hot tub manufacturer, to access the inside of the hot tub for routine maintenance, servicing, draining and refilling.

What is a Covana cover?   

A Covana is an automated hot tub cover and gazebo in one. Made in Canada, a Covana allow you twist a key and raise the hot tub cover to sit above your hot tub or swim spa and act as a shelter.  

How much do Covana covers cost?  

There are six different covers available across two collections designed for hot tubs. The price of a Covana ranges from £8,695 to £10,495 and can be upgraded to include blinds which according to the Covana website range in price from £695 to £2,495. Some are priced per blind or up to three sides.  

Are Covana covers worth it?  

Deciding if a Covana hot tub cover is right for you comes down to personal choice and budget. Here are some pros and cons to weigh up.  



VersatileHot tub cover and shelter in one.   

Ease of use Fully automated to avoid the hassle of manually opening and removing from top of hot tub  

Adaptability – Covana covers are compatible to fit on most brands of hot tubs  

Durability – Made with materials including an aluminium structure and ABS plastic means that like a quality hot tub, it should last for many years  



Cost – High price point may not suit all budgets. Additional electricity required to power it.  

More time and effort to install – Depending on the model, some Covana covers need to be fixed to the same concrete slabbing that the hot tub is placed on  

Permanent roof – Cannot bask under sunlight in hot tub as the Covana cover, once lifted, is a solid shelter piece  

Hot tub shelter under a pergola

How do I build privacy for my hot tub?  

Building a hot tub privacy enclosure for your spa can be achieved in many ways, whether that’s creating a solid walled structure or using natural means such as shrubbery or trees to conceal the hot tub.   

Here’s some ideas you can consider when thinking about creating privacy for your hot tub:  

Position your hot tub in a corner

Using a natural wall of your house or garden can help instantly create a barrier and privacy in one go and help towards creating a garden hot tub shelter using what you already have.  

Hot tub shelter with sides

If you are looking for an extra layer of privacy, you may want to consider a hot tub shelter with sides, such as gazebo or pergola or Covana cover. These sides could be in the form of solid wood or retractable mesh or material blinds. They can act as both a privacy barrier as well as a shelter from wind, rain and sudden changes in weather. 

Place shrubbery, bamboo or hedges

Depending on your budget, there are ways to increase privacy through the placement of trees or tall potted plants that create a natural barrier. Adding blinds made of bamboo or wooden screen can also be an option.  

Building a gazebo or roofed structure

If you’re in a built-up area or have neighbours overlooking your garden, it might be worth building a roofed structure like a hot tub gazebo to increase privacy. Blinds or walls can be added to it to enhance this further.    

For further ideas and inspiration, we recommend you read this article on privacy ideas for your hot tub.

What is the best shelter for a hot tub?  

The best hot tub shelter for your hot tub and space will come down to a number of factors including personal preference and budget. To help weigh up options, it’s worth asking yourself:  

-What is my budget?  

-Do I want full shade and shelter, open-air or the best of both worlds?  

-Do I want shelter now or am I prepared to wait until I can order or have the right shelter?  

-Do I want to use natural resources such as existing plants and trees on my property?  

-Am I okay with putting time aside to maintain my hot tub shelter (e.g. clean the roof of debris)  

-Do I want my shelter to be permanent or temporary?  

-Do I want it to be bespoke to fit the look and design of my space?  

-What size do I want the shelter to be? Do I want to just shelter my hot tub or have extra shelter space for a dining, reclining or changing area?  

Hot tub in a private, sheltered space

Summary - Does a hot tub need to be under shelter?  

A hot tub is not required to be under a shelter, but it is worth considering and understanding what options are available to you and the benefits they can provide.   


The good news is that for many shelter types, you can make the first step of purchasing a hot tub, and then consider what option you want to go for after that.  


Lets recap the general pros and cons of hot tub shelters:  



-Protection - From the sun, rain, wind and other weather conditions.  

-Eases maintenance - Helps prevent water buildup and fading of your hot tub and its cover.  

-Aids energy efficiency - Some shelter types may help to prevent heat loss in water by protecting hot tub from changes in weather.  



-An extra cost

-Decision making - Some shelter types may have a solid roof. You will need to choose between full sunlight or complete shade.  

-View - Some shelter types may restrict the outlook you get from your hot tub, for example it may limit you to a view from one side of your hot tub, rather than a panoramic view.  


If the appearance, durability, year-round enjoyment, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency matters to you, we would recommend that you consider a form of hot tub shelter.   

On the other hand, if you plan to use your hot tub less frequently, are placing your hot tub under a partial shelter or simply love to only use your hot tub under sunlight or a starry night sky, then a hot tub shelter may not be top of your priority list.  


Are pergolas an option you’re considering? You may like to check out this article on what we consider to be the best brands that offer pergolas in the UK.   

If hot tub placement is on your to-do list, how to choose the perfect location for your hot tub, could be a great article for you to read and learn about placing a hot tub outdoors, indoors, on a patio, room required for maintenance and more.  


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