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Best luxury hot tubs UK 2023 - Top brands reviewed

December 18, 2022

Estimated reading time – 11.5 minutes

Author - Annabella Garwood, Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group

Thinking about purchasing a hot tub that offers the best in hot tub features, design and comfort?

One of the key questions we get asked in our showrooms is ‘what’s the best luxury hot tub?’ Great question!

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub on wooden deck

Whether you’re looking to buy the very best spa for the ultimate hydromassage experience or for the upgrades they come with, a luxury hot tub offers a wide range of premium options. 

There’re lots of brands that offer luxury hot tubs within the industry so it’s understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed at all the choices. 

In this article you will learn about a specific collection offered by Hydropool™, Hot Spring® and Jacuzzi® that we believe, with our more than 65 years in the hot tub industry, meet the best of the luxury standard in the UK.

These reviews, that are listed in no particular order, should you make a decision about which luxury hot tub collection could have a model that's most ideal for you.

Disclaimer - In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (January 4th, 2023) and may change without notice.

Note - Imagery used in this article is of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, as well as a Hydropool™ Signature Hot Tub model within the Hydropool™ review section.

Jacuzzi® J-485™ Hot Tub features

How much does a luxury hot tub cost in the UK?

Luxury hot tubs can range from £12,000 to more than £21,000, depending on the brand you are purchasing and their seating capacity. 


Optional extras and upgrades also affect the amount you pay, with certain features adding to the price but providing a higher quality experience, whether it be hydromassage, filtration, or additional comforts.

Entry level vs luxury hot tubs?

Entry-level hot tubs have lower price tags than luxury hot tubs - that will come as no surprise to you. 


So, why are there hot tubs with lower prices? Several reasons 

- Form over function, 

- A basic level of hot tub massage, 

- A basic level and cheaper build components (in most cases) -minimal bells and whistles.


Luxury hot tubs get their status for claiming to offer the best of everything in the ranges offered by the brand. This includes anything from jet technology, variation of design, quality of materials used, a greater hydromassage experience, exclusive nice-to-have features and optional extras. 

Entry-level hot tubs - Summary

-Basic features. Simple, no-frills hydrotherapy and controls

-Lower level of energy efficiency. Depending on brand and components, likely to cost more to run than a higher quality hot tub

-Limited options. Less additional features or upgrades available

-Lower jet quality. Less powerful jets and less jet variety

Luxury hot tubs - Summary

-Advanced hydromassage. Provides a quality massage experience 

-High quality of build and parts. Longer lasting and more durable

-More energy efficient. Better parts for lower energy usage

-Accented lighting. Enhanced lighting effects and options

-More premium features Included rather than being optional extras


All of the features mentioned in the luxury hot tub section will be a part of the three brands spas we’re going to review. 

While this list isn’t all inclusive, there are many brands out there including Bullfrog Spas®, Caldera Spas® and Master Spas® who offer features that you will see mentioned below.

Hydropool Signature hot tub in garden

Hydropool - The Signature Collection

Hydropool™ is a hot tub and swim spa brand originally founded in Canada in 1978. They initially started as retailers with a company called California Spa, Sauna and Fitness and were the first dealer of hot tubs in eastern Canada.


In 1995 they started manufacturing swim spas with the AquaTrainer and have created two other collections to accompany it. Hydropool now has more than 400 independent retailers worldwide in 60 different countries.  All of their hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Hydropool™ Hot Tubs is owned by Jacuzzi Brands LLC, which acquired the brand in 2017.  

The Signature Collection

The premium hot tubs Hydropool offers are within the Signature collection. 


The Signature collection is the premium range offered by Hydropool. As well as a variety of ways to customise your hot tub, one of its main appeals that it’s renowned for is the self-cleaning technology feature that Hydropool states can clean 100% of hot tub water in 10 minutes. 


The Signature collection is available in 13 shell models ranging from a 3-person hot tub to a 10-person hot tub. Some models in the collection can be upgraded from Gold Series to Platinum Series and for some, there’s a Titanium Series. 


If you’re wondering what comes with the upgrades, in most cases it includes more pumps and more jets in the hot tub for a better massage.

Hydropool™ Signature Collection prices in the UK

£11,795.00 to £20,995.00


One of the features Hydropool offers in this Signature range is what it calls zone therapy. Each zone provides targeted hydrotherapy to different areas of the body. This feature comes with several massage programmes (only available on Platinum models.) Think of it as having your own personal masseuse at home.

Build & Seating 

Built in Canada to withstand the harshest of weather, the Signature series has a wooden frame structure in a self-supporting cradle and truss design. Its multi-seating layout provides various options, whether it’s a full lounger, such as the Never-Float lounger, or barrier free seating.


The Signature collection comes with a number of systems that work together to keep the water clean. These include HydroClean filtration Jets, HydroClean filters, a HydroClean floor vacuum, a Pure Water system to keep the water clean and SelfClean mode. The water is disinfected by using a combination of ozone and UV.


Hydropool has created its own insulation system called HydroWise Thermal Shield. This is designed to capture the heat created by the pumps to reheat the water. Three layers of a reflective material on the shell, cabinet and floor of the hot tub traps the heat, which is then absorbed through our black pipework to heat the tub. This technology is similar to what is used by NASA to protect its astronauts with effective insulation.

Design and appearance 

Simple, classic design and includes integrated ice bucket near the top side controls.

Optional extras

There are many accessories that can be purchased as an optional extra to go with a Signature collection model. These include the iCommand smartphone remote control system, the EZ Ultra PureOzone system which adds ozone to the water, as well as different cover lifter options. Hydropool also offers packages that include accessories such as lighting, laminar fountain jets and aromatherapy.


Overall the Signature range offers a wide range of choices for creating your own hot tub the way you want it. There are also a number of optional extras to choose from so you can bespoke the hot tub, the way you want it. 


Durable cabinetry, along with the self-cleaning technology, means less maintenance work but also reduces the need to use lots of chemicals to keep the hot tub clean. 


On the downside, optional upgrades don’t come as standard. This means you’ll have to pay more for the premium features such as lights and waterfalls.


-Great, easy to use water cleaning systems

-Variety in size and seating

-Most essential features are included with this range



-Limited cabinetry colours. 

-Features such as extra lighting, cover lifter, wireless hot tub control system are optional extras you have to pay for. 

-Simple looking in design and appearance

Hot Spring® - The HighLife® Collection 

Established in 1977 by Jeff and Jon Watkins when they built their first Hot Spring® portable spa, the company has grown since then to sell more than a million spas worldwide. They are manufactured by Watkins Wellness, a member of the MASCO family of brands, out of the Highlife® Collection factory in Vista, California.


Hot Spring® only creates hot tubs and offers four collections of spas. This includes rotationally moulded tubs in their Freeflow Spa® series.

The HighLife® collection

The luxury hot tub series from Hot Spring®, the Highlife® collection, provides 9 models with seating options from 3-7 people. Being top of the Hot Spring® range, the Highlife® includes the most exclusive and premium features of all the collections.

Pricing for the Highlife® Collection is not displayed on the Hot Spring® UK website. You will need to request an online quote.

Hot Spring® HighLife® Collection prices in the UK

According to their website, prices start from £14,995.00.

Build & Seating

Hot Spring® uses a polymer support structure and base rather than a wooden frame in their construction for durability and longevity. This ensures there’s no potential for rotting, which can be the case with untreated wood.


When it comes to seating, you’ll find the range offers both small compact hot tubs as well as large entertainer style options. Seat variety means you can opt for a hot tub that has a full body lounger, one with barrier-free seating or a combination of both.


The Highlife® collection uses a combination of seven different jet types for varied hydrotherapy, and to target different areas of the body. 

The well-known Moto-Massage® DX jet that moves up and down your back and comes with all hot tubs in this collection.

Control Panel

The Highlife® models also feature a removable control panel, allowing you to access the hot tub features in or out of the spa up to 9 metres away. It’s a fully colourised touch screen with large icons and menus which makes it easy to use.


The Highlife® utilises the FreshWater® Salt System, (an optional extra) which means you add salt to your hot tub, and the system generates chlorine automatically while it keeps your water feeling soft without a harsh chemical odour.


The collection also features their 100% no-bypass filtration, top loading Tri-X™ filters. These are effective up to 30m2 to continuously filter your water, even when you’re using it.


Hot Spring® uses a full foam insulation method to lock in heat and keep energy costs down as part of their Energy Smart™ system. It includes a SilentFlo 5000™ circulation pump that uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, a No-Fault™ heater that maximises heat transfer, and SmartJet™ system that lets you direct power only to the jet groups you want to use.

Design and appearance

According to the Hot Spring® website, cabinets are designed to create a certain type of effect whether it be frain, metallic or look similar to stone. The Highlife® collection has a curved, modern style with vertical light features on each corner. The variety of shell and cabinet options means there are many ways you can customise a hot tub from this range.

Optional extras

The Highlife® collection can be fitted with features including a Bluetooth® wireless sound system, different cover lifters, and spa steps.


The Hot Spring® Highlife® collection offers a great range of jet options and unique features such as the wireless control pad and differing FreshWater® sanitation system. The range also offers a variety of hot tub shapes, sizes whether you’re looking for a compact to entertainer hot tub or something in between. They have a sleek, modern design too.


One of the drawbacks, however, is that some people may consider the lack of additional nice-to-have features, such as a solid waterfall or a smart system upgrade (at time of writing) for remote access.


-FreshWater® Salt System. Turns salt into chlorine which means you don’t need to buy chlorine. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t use bromine with this system, chlorine is an ongoing cost and the stages of filtration may be less than what you may find with other hot tub brands.

-Exclusive Moto-Massage® DX. Two streams of water moving up and down your back

-Wireless control panel. Control your spa anywhere up to 9 metres away



-No smart system for remote access. Cannot turn on or off remotely via mobile phone. 

-Maximum 7 people. Limits large gatherings of family or friends

-No waterfall. Potential drawback if looking for this feature

Jacuzzi J400 hot tub in autumn garden

Jacuzzi® - The J-400™ Designer Collection

With more than 60 years of history and innovation to its name, Jacuzzi® remains one of the leading hot tub and swim spa brands in the world.   


Jacuzzi® has continued to create and evolve over the decades by producing new and improved hot tubs as well as swim spas, saunas, baths and showers. 


The company has retailers in more than 100 countries and five continents. It manufactures its products in North America, Europe and offers three hot tub collections - the luxury option being the J-400™ collection. 

The J-400™ Designer Collection

The J-400™ collection is equipped with the most premium features Jacuzzi® has designed. There are five hot tubs with seating for 6 to 9 people, depending on the model.


If you stand back and compare against the other Jacuzzi® Hot Tub collections, you will notice it lives up to its name - design. The high back provides more privacy and it comes with features you won’t find on the other Jacuzzi® collections.

Jacuzzi® J-400™ Designer Collection prices in the UK 

£15,999 - £19,999


Jacuzzi® uses the PowerPro® jets in the J-400™ series. These jets offer the most advanced hydro and jet technology for varied hydromassage across all seats. 


The J-400™ series also features exclusive therapy seats such as the RX therapy seat. It targets the back and neck, and isn’t a feature found in other Jacuzzi® Hot Tub collections.

Build and Seating

Unlike Hot Spring®, which uses a polymer-based structure for its Highlife® collection, frames in a Jacuzzi® hot tub are made from treated timber. Treated wood is more durable than untreated timber which is more vulnerable to water damage and attracting rodents and mould.


Depending on the model, you will find hot tubs in this collection come with either barrier free seating, a full-body lounger or a combination of the two. The cabinetry is created using a UV-resistant high-quality synthetic material to provide longer lasting protection from the sun.


The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ technology water purification system, exclusive to Jacuzzi®, uses the natural cleaning power of active oxygen to destroy waterborne pathogens and contaminants in the water.

This is part of a 6-stage filtration process to catch tiny particles and debris for the clearest water.


Full foam insulation is used in the J-400™ series to create all-round heat retention and energy efficiency through high and low-density foam. This also reduces vibrations that come from plumbing and parts inside the cabinet.

The warmer the inside of the cabinet, the less heat will escape through the base of the hot tub.



SmartTub® is an upgrade available on all Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs but comes as standard on the J-400™ collection. A hardware module connected to the hot tub and smartphone app work together so you can 

-Change the hot tub temperature

-Turn jets on and off

-Activate Smart Heat Mode and Vacation Mode

-And create the most efficient heating program for you through personalised soak scheduling. 


SmartTub® can be activated from anywhere where there’s a cellular connection. Click here to learn more about SmartTub®. 

Design and appearance

Jacuzzi® offer quality parts, plumbing and features throughout the J-400™ collection. This includes some great exclusive features such as the high back design, quality ProFinish™ cabinetry and large waterfall for a tranquil effect.


Optional extras

There are no optional extras. The J-400™ Collection includes all premium options as standard.


The upside is that you can expect consistent quality throughout the collections and a premium Prolast™ hot tub cover with any model.


The downside is the limited choice with acrylic shell and cabinetry colours, and there is no option for a smaller seater hot tub should you be looking for that. The lowest you can get is a five-person hot tub.

So, if you’re searching for a high-end hot tub that’s smaller in size and seats 2-3 people, you won’t find it in the J-400™ collection.

Instead, you may like to take a look at the J-315™ in the J-300™ Comfort Collection


-Premium hydrotherapy and seating with PowerPro® jets

-Unique high back design that’s exclusive to the J-400™

-SmartTub® system included



-No small hot tub options in this collection, such as a 2-3 seater

-Limited choice on cabinet and shell colours

-Treated timber frame less durable than other options on the market

Jacuzzi® J-485™ in garden at night

What luxury hot tub is best for me?

All three brands sell luxury hot tubs that provide you with a wide range of hydromassage options and exclusive features.


Depending on your personal preference regarding style, hydromassage experience and comfort, all three collections will offer you a quality hot tub. However, there’s some key factors to consider which may help you decide which brand could be the best fit for you.


The variation between the saltwater system and the UV + Ozone sanitation methods is worth noting as both types offer very different levels of filtration. For example - 

-Saltwater system just replaces chlorine

-UV and Ozone are additional filtration stages which can help provide you with cleaner water.

All three hot tub brands are reputable and have a long history of customer service and quality-built luxury hot tubs.


If you’re looking for ease of maintenance and customisable features and a hot tub that is simple when it comes to design and priorities features such as insulation, self cleaning and hydromassage, the Hydropool Signature collection could be a great choice.


If, however, you want the simplicity of a salt system with a wide variety of hydromassage options, as well as a polymer frame instead of wood, a Highlife® spa by Hot Spring® will be better suited.


If you are looking for more premium options included in the price, a stylish design, world renowned hydrotherapy along with a built in module and app that allows you to control, monitor and select the most energy efficient settings for your hot tub, from anywhere in the world, then the Jacuzzi® J-400™ collection could be an ideal option for you.


Whatever hot tub model or brand you’re steering towards, we highly recommend you take the time to arrange these hot tubs at your local showroom. This will help you make your investment purchase with confidence. You can search for your nearest Jacuzzi® showroom here.


We hope this article has been informative and helped you understand more about the best luxury hot tubs on offer from Hydropool, Hot Spring® and Jacuzzi®.


While we are a manufacturer of some of these hot tubs, we pride ourselves on being open and honest about the choices that you have as a consumer.


Yes, there are other luxury hot tub brands out there that aren’t covered in this article. However, we do hope this information has provided you with a better understanding of what we believe are the best brands that offer luxury hot tubs in the UK and we wish you the best of luck in finding the right luxury hot tub for you!

Interested in learning more about the J-400 line-up and what sets it apart from other Jacuzzi® Hot Tub collections? This article breaks down the key points of difference from main features to prices.

Disclaimer: The following registered trademarks are owned by companies not affiliated in any way with Jacuzzi Group.

Bullfrog Spas® owned by Bullfrog International L.C., Caldera Spas® owned by Watkins Wellness, Master Spas® owned by Master Spas, LLC, Highlife® Collection, FreshWater® Salt System, Hot Spring®, Moto-Massage®, FreshWater®, SilentFlo 5000™, Freeflow® Collection, Highlife®,  SmartJet™ system, Energy Smart system, Tri-X™, SmartJet™, No Fault™, Energy Smart™  is a trademark owned by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation. Hydropool™ is a trademark owned by Hydropool Inc. Bluetooth® is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. 

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