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Best Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs for Smaller Gardens (Pros, cons & more)

August 10, 2023

Estimated read time - 5 minutes

Author - Fin Green - Content Creator UK - Jacuzzi Group

Thinking of buying a Jacuzzi® hot tub for your smaller outdoor (or indoor) space? Maybe you are wondering 'can I have a hot tub in a small garden? In this article, we will discuss different choices available for creating a small home oasis.  


A hot tub in your home can be a central spot for relaxing and socialising, even if you have limited space. If you have a compact garden, balcony or room and are uncertain about fitting a hot tub in it, don't fret - you're not the only one pondering this question.

After reading, you'll have lots of inspiration for small garden ideas with a hot tub.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub dials lit up at night

Jacuzzi® has been making hot tubs of all shapes and sizes for more than 65 years, and many people have asked us if we have hot tubs that would fit into a smaller space.  


The good news is yes, we do. Jacuzzi® have hot tubs that are perfect for making the most of ‘pocket-sized’ spaces, while still giving you access to the Jacuzzi® brand quality and reliability.  


No matter the size of your garden or small area, you have four great options with our compact models in the J-200™ and J-300™ collections, which fit perfectly into smaller gardens or outdoor spaces. 

Jacuzzi® J-215™ Hot Tub

The J-215™ is a great compact hot tub that offers seating for up to three people. With bullet LED lights and a single waterfall for added ambience, the J-215™ can create a cosy atmosphere while providing great hydromassage targeting key muscle groups.  


Within the hot tub comes a lounge seat, giving you the option of a full body massage using the ClassicPro™ Jet range found in the J-200™ collection.    


If you’re looking for a cosy hot tub that won’t take up much space but will add great style and comfort to your garden space, a J-215™ could be a great addition. 

Coming in at 193.0 x 168.0 x 81.28cm, and only having two seats and a lounger, the J-215™ can fit snug against the back wall, fence or purpose-built wooden gazebo with little to no problem.  


Like all J-200™ models you will get access to standard features such as our ClassicPro™ jet range. If you want a hot tub with a good hydromassage, you can find it within this collection. But if you want more advanced technology and features, a hot tub from the J-300™ collection might be a better choice.  



  • One filter pump
  • One jet pump and one two speed jet and circulation pump
  • Bullet LED lights  
  • Adjustable air control 


  • Lounge seat - Giving you a full body massage 
  • ClassicPro™ jets - Great massage across all seats 


  • Depth - Our compact tubs are not as deep as other tubs
  • Limited choice - Only one colour option for cabinetry and shell top 

Jacuzzi® J-225™ Hot Tub

Coming in slightly bigger than the J-215™, the J-225™ is a hot tub that loses the lounge seat in order to accommodate more guests, being able to fit 4-5 people inside. This gives a different layout and ambience to the hot tub, as the seats all face inwards - creating more of a social experience.


Like all the models you'll find in the J-200™ collection, the ClassicPro™ jets provide a great hydromassage experience and can be used as part of a daily or regular wellness routine to relieve aches and pains while targeting key muscle groups.

Unlike the J-215™, the J-225™ has a footwell in the middle, allowing space to stand up and navigate in and out of the hot tub with ease.     



  • Open seating  
  • Greater capacity 
  • ClassicPro™ jet range 
  • Adjustable air control  


  • Increased capacity - Can fit 3-5 people 
  • Open footwell - Makes moving around easier


  • No lounge seat - No all-round body massage 
  • Limited extras - Not a large choice of additional features

Jacuzzi® J-315™ Hot Tub


The J-315™ is a great hot tub for smaller areas such as gardens and patios. The J-315™ has 23 PowerPro® jets shared between two corner seats, and a lounger; which are all ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort. 


Being more compact, the J-315™ has one of the smallest footprints in the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub range, making it easy to deliver and install.


Featuring the exclusive FX rotational jets for deeper muscle penetration and a more impactful massage. The J-315™ also has exclusive Hydrosoothe™ head massage pillows which can be found across the hot tubs in the J-300™ collection.


  • Hydrosoothe™ massage pillow 
  • PowerPro® jet range 
  • FX rotational jets 
  • 1x jet pump 1x circulation pump 


  • Exclusive features - One Hydrosoothe™ pillow as standard 
  • Lounge Seat - For all round body massage 


  • Compact - Might not be the best option for taller people  
  • Space - Lounge seat takes up room

Jacuzzi® J-325™ Hot Tub


The J-325™ is a hot tub with room for 4-5 people, with its size meaning it can comfortably fit in back gardens or indoor spaces. With 23 PowerPro® jets, you’re getting a variety of hydromassage across the four ergonomically designed seats targeting key muscle groups.  


Removing the lounge seat in exchange for an open seating design, the hot tub creates a more social focus with a greater emphasis on hydromassage variety.

The great thing about the J-325™ is the superior hydrotherapy in a relatively compact hot tub, knowing you’re not compromising any beneficial hydrotherapy elements because of the size.   


At 193 x 213 x 87cm, means it’s not much bigger than the J-215™, J-225™ or the J-315™. With the extra seating capacity, the J-325™ is great for those looking to create a social hub for yourself and guests, who can all enjoy the enhanced hydrotherapy benefits together.  



  • PowerPro® jet range 
  • Open footwell 
  • Exclusive MX jet therapy seat  
  • Hydrosoothe™ massage pillow 
  • 1x jet pump 1x circulation pump 



  • Open footwell - Ease of manoeuvrability around the spa 
  • More space - Greater room over the J-215™, J-225™ and more seats 



  • No lounge seat - If looking for this feature, the J-315™ has one  
  • Limited colour choice - Both cabinetry and acrylic shell available in two colours  



If you have a smaller garden or space, chances are, there could be a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub that will fit your needs. All four models highlighted here provide you with a great compact hot tub option for your space.

If you're interested in widening you're options to the J-400 collection, click this link to explore our full range of small hot tubs.

We hope this has given you some insight into the hot tubs available to you from Jacuzzi® and we wish you luck in finding the right hot tub for you and your garden. 

We've mentioned hot tubs across both the J-200™ and J-300™ collections in this article. If you still have questions on how to work out the key differences between them, we recommend you read this article which includes simple overviews, price ranges and more.

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You can also learn more about the J-200™ collection and the J-300™ collection by downloading our hot tub brochure.