Product Details

Product Details

Alberto Apostoli
With exceptional style created by architect and designer Alberto Apostoli, the Sasha offers a huge range of features to enjoy in a relaxing and calming environment. Encased in tempered glass, the unit has been designed with relaxation and functionality in mind and separated into three compartments to fully utilise the wellness programmes incorporated within. The Sasha is perfect for hospitality venues such as spas and hotels seeking to offer premium wellbeing opportunities to their guests, or for those seeking a comprehensive at home self-care space.

This sauna, steam room and shower combination is the luxury spa for your home or hotel. This most relaxing of environments is the ideal way to get away from it all and and rejuvenate, ready for the next day ahead.

  • Finnish, Roman & Biosauna programmes
  • Remote control
  • Cascade, raindrop & emotional shower
  • Steam bath kit
  • Variable hue light system


Designed as a holistic wellness unit, experience refreshing steam and sauna programmes to help eradicate impurities and open up circulation. Move into the shower cabin to utilise the hydromassage qualities and release muscle tension, ease joint pains and improve flexibility as part of a daily wellness routine or to relax after a long day.

  • 225.0
  • 402.0
  • 211.0


The Timeless Charm Of Corian®: an extraordinary, indeformable and unalterable material that is more resistant to water and to high temperatures

Hammam: perfectly framed in the environment, a careful choice of materials – resin and glass – and a design that matches with the other parts of Sasha

Shower: thanks to an electronic touch screen control panel, with a just a touch of your finger the emotional shower programs can be selected to evocate your sensory sphere

Natural Warmth Of Solid Wood: the natural warmth of solid wood for the sauna and frame, its most precious wood species combined with other precious materials such as steel, tempered glass and HPL

Sauna: Biosauna Program. Temperature around 60° and humidity 30-35%

Hammam: Calidarium Program. Temperature 45°- 48° and high humidity

Shower: Cold Shower Program. Very thin vapour jet, ideal for cool or cold showers

Sauna: Finnish Sauna Program. Temperature up to 90° and humidity under 12%

Hammam: Hammam Program. Temperature 40°- 45° and high humidity

Sauna: Roman Sauna Program. Temperature 70°-75° and humidity 20-25%

Hammam: Tepidarium Program. Temperature 35°- 40° and medium humidity

Shower: Thin Rain Program. Raindrop jet, with medium size droplets and cone-shaped spray

Shower: Tropical Shower Program. Stronger and more energetic jet with “massage” effect

Hammam: Hammam Program. Temperature 40°- 45° and high humidity

Sauna. Wood welcomes your body within a wholly natural environment, made more sophisticated by the comfort of the rgb led lights positioned inside the bench and on part of the wall panel

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