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Amber Pirillo

Amber Pirillo


Lieu : Des Moines, Iowa

Natasha's creative talents showed at a very early age and she has studied the arts in many fashions. It was no surprise that she chose interior design as her career. A native of New Orleans, she graduated from University of Louisiana Lafayette with a BA in Interior Design, College of the Arts . While there, she was recognized with design excellence awards, in addition to a scholarship to study architecture and drawing in Paris. After graduating in 2004, she ventured off to California to pursue the dream of a bustling career in the design industry. She has worked in residential design since then.

Today she takes the role as lead designer for Smart Space, started in 2014. She can bring a project from start to finish, everything from architectural plan sets, 3d models, hand sketching, renderings, cabinet layouts, tile designs, lighting, finishes and furnishings. Natasha thinks with vision and has the ability to make a space come together with precision. She is most known for her modern aesthetic, featuring clean clines and a fresh feel. Her mission is to design an environment that is balanced, peaceful and interesting, where functionality meets style and form.

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The Jacuzzi Azzurro Freestanding tub
Azzurro Bath

About This Space

"I saw this tub, and knew it was perfect for this project. This was to be the centerpiece of the room, on an angle, allowing you to admire its clean lines and subtle curves as soon as you walked in. It welcomes you to get in and kick back, or just appreciate its aesthetic in the open space."

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Natasha Muller
Natasha Muller

On Current Design Trends

"Trends come and go, so what I ask from my client is a piece they have fallen in love with; it can be a tile, light fixture, painting or whatever strikes them. Just show me something that you love, let's discuss it and we can start to layer all the subsequent decisions off that. Each design has to be beautiful to them. And the function of the room has to support their lifestyle. As long as you stay true to what works for each individual, you'll always arrive at success with balance and harmony. My motto is where functionality meets style and form. Make it functional, make it stylish and make it have good form. "