When it’s time to replace your cover or pillows, make sure you do so with Genuine Jacuzzi Parts. They’re designed to fit your hot tub exactly and will keep it looking like new! You can take advantage of Jacuzzi’s water purification innovation with a ClearRAY aftermarket kit. Learn more below.


The purpose of the cover is to provide an effective means of insulation and heat retention of the contents of the spa, while preventing the introduction of airborne debris inside the spa. The cover also is a safety feature preventing unwanted entry into the water. When your cover needs to be replaced replace it with a Jacuzzi genuine cover ensuring a perfect fit and lasting quality.

ProEndure cover
With new Sunbrella® fabric, for a premium design more durability and improved energy efficiency.


Keep your hot tub looking new by replacing the pillows with Jacuzzi Genuine Parts. It is an easy face lift that keeps your hot tub looking best for your continued enjoyment.

Clearray Aftermarket Kits

The CLEARRAY system uses UV-C technology to help you get to cleaner and clearer water while minimizing chloramines formation. It does not introduce gases, chemicals, or other byproducts into the hot tub water. This means less skin irritation and eye irritation. No more drying out, no more red-eye and no damage to your spa or its components.

If you have an older hot tub but want the newest technology in the water purification category, you’ll want to purchase the CLEARRAY aftermarket kit. Retrofittable to 2006 models.

Genuine Parts Promise

Jacuzzi® is the name that defines the hot tub experience. Social and private, fun and relaxing, Jacuzzi completely satisfies and leaves you wanting more.

Protect your investment and be confident that your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub satisfies each day like the first day you enjoyed it. Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts  are built to the highest standards of quality, durability and performance, and they’re designed to fit your hot tub’s exact specifications to optimize your experience.

Our Genuine parts are backed by our experience and warranty. Only authorized Jacuzzi® dealers can sell authorized parts and ensure reliability and years of care free hot tub ownership.


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