J5-10S Showerhead

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Détails du produit

Détails du produit

This showerhead boasts five spray settings, easy installation, and easy wipe nozzles for a clean and relaxing shower every time.
The stunning J5-10S Showerhead with Gentle Touch Spray is not only ideal for those sensitive to high-pressure sprays, it is EPA WaterSense Certified so it is sensitive to conservation too. Featuring easy wipe nozzles, brass ball joint, two-piece construction coated ABS, 1.8 GPM, simple DIY installation, and five spray settings including Full Coverage Spray, Hydromassage Spray, Full Coverage + HydroSpray, Gentle Touch Spray and Gentle Touch + Full Coverage Spray, this distinctive showerhead has everything you need.


  • Easy Wipe Nozzles — Avoid mineral buildup that can clog spouts and cause uneven water flow with convenient, simple-to-clean Easy Wipe Nozzles.    
  • EPA WaterSense Certified —Uses at least 20 percent less water and save energy without sacrificing our incredibly high standard of performance.    
  • Gentle Touch Spray — Those sensitive to high pressure spray settings can ease into the comfort of a soothing shower experience.    
  • DIY Installation —Comes complete with everything you need to create your ultimate shower environment, without any hassle, stress or inconvenience.    
  • Five Spray Settings —Full Coverage Spray, Hydromassage Spray, Full Coverage + HydroSpray, Gentle Touch Spray, and Gentle Touch + Full Coverage Spray settings.