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The users of this website are also invited to respect the rules of politeness shared by all Internet users.

  1. When you become part of a new newsgroup or of a new email distribution list it is good practice to read the messages sent for at least two weeks before sending your own messages all over the world: This will give you time to become acquainted with the topic and realise how it is handled within the community.
  2. If you send a message, it should be concise and describe the problem in a clear and direct way. Always briefly and appropriately specify the object of the text attached to the email in the “Subject” field. If you use a signature file make sure it is brief and to the point.
  3. Do not stray from the topic of the newsgroup or of the email distribution list.
  4. As far as possible, avoid broadcasting your message to lots of mailing lists or newsgroups. In most cases there is just one single mailing list belonging to the right addressee and that includes all the users and the only ones who are really interested in a specific issue.
  5. If you are replying to a message, highlight the most important parts of the original message to make it easier for those who haven’t read the original to understand its contents, but don’t systematically copy the entire original message unless this is absolutely necessary.
  6. Do not use messages to wage flame wars. In the event of personal disputes the best thing to do is to solve them via private emails from and to the persons concerned.
  7. Never publish the contents of email messages unless you have the writer’s explicit permission.
  8. Never publish messages with silly contents or that simply take the side of one of the parties in a discussion. Before asking new questions about a topic, always read the FAQ.
  9. Never send publicity or communications by email that have not been explicitly asked for.
  10. Do not be intolerant towards those who make syntactical or grammatical errors. The writers must aim to improve their language so that it is easy to understand by the community.

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