Sasha - Sauna with door on short side - 152 x 211 x 225 H - Version being updated

Product Details

Product Details

Alberto Apostoli
The Sauna module with short side door creates a wellness space that can be configured for every need in terms of style and functionality. This makes Sasha a unique and innovative solution for all.
The benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home. Woods such as such solid heat-resistant Abachi wood evoke the feeling of a real spa and enhance the room.
  • 225.0
  • 152.0
  • 211.0




Choose the colours, tunes, and accessories of your wellbeing: the prized variety of solid wood, the gentle inspiration of the chromotherapy, the set-up for cable radio as standard. And in addition, two benches, one of which is removable, the wooden pail and ladle, thermo-hygrometer, hourglass and touch controls: relaxing and pampering yourself is a ritual. In the comfort of your own home, just like in a modern spa.


  • Biosauna: 60°C - 30-35% humidity
  • Roman Sauna: 70-75°C - 20-25% humidity
  • Finnish Sauna: 90°C - humidity below 12%

SAUNA Accessories

Hourglass, Thermo-hygrometer and Pail with ladle, electric heater with sauna stones essential oil holder and wood cladding .


Solid wood

The natural warmth of solid wood in its finest varieties for the interiors and sauna furnishings. Large tempered glass windows and Corian® Vanilla frame. The wellbeing is in the details.