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Get instant access to Jacuzzi® Product features, collection descriptions and more.

Get instant access to Jacuzzi® Product features, collection descriptions and more.


From the beginning, our focus has always been on improving the quality of life for the people around us. Committed to designing ways to help you build a retreat at home, both indoors and outdoors, we give you the power to find serenity exactly when you need it, how you need it, each and every day.

Get your FREE Jacuzzi® product brochure for instant access to product photos, specifications, features, installation inspiration, and more for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi® Swim Spas, the Jacuzzi® Mood and Sasha Collection, and Jacuzzi® Bathroom products today.

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Jacuzzi® Novelties Collection - Addendum Hot Tub Catalogue

Catalogue New Products 2024 - Hot Tub Addendum

  • Discover the new Hot Tub 2024 products 
  • Explore the new Jacuzzi® wellness frontier
  • Learn about new technologies: Infrared and Red Light

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Swim Spa Catalogue

  • Find the right Hot Tub and Swim Spa for you
  • Explore sizes, features & options
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Jacuzzi® Baths and Showers Catalogue

  • Choose the ideal bathtub or shower to reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep thanks to the warmth of the water.

Jacuzzi® Wellness Catalogue

  • Find the wellness ideal for the relaxation you are looking for: saunas, emotional showers, hammams. 
  • Sasha for a modular space to satisfy every need, Sasha is a unique solution with all the benefits of the sauna, the emotional shower and the muffled pleasure of the hammam.
  • Sasha Mi is a functional wellness center in the privacy of your home: sauna, hammam and shower in just 3 square meters.
  • Mood is the sauna has been reinvented for the hospitality sector with Mood.
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