XYZ+® Shower System

Product Details

Product Details

Jacuzzi® Design - Alberto Apostoli
XYZ+® is a union of three wishes flexibility, freedom and purity that combine to create ultimate well-being.
This is a product that embodies the purest of forms offering morning showers for a chance to reconnect, evening showers to relieve the stresses of your day and late-night showers for peaceful contemplation. Alberto Apostoli Wellness without boundaries. XYZ+® grants everyone the magic of water, effectively responding to the needs of the whole family, of those who enjoy playing sports or more simply seek relaxation in its purest form, regardless of age. The bathroom opens its doors to a new, versatile, functional concept, which can be easily brought into fruition in a blank canvas space open to your imagination both at home and a commercial setting a commercial setting.
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All-In solution: a ready-made, fully-equipped shower corner, with the added advantage of being able to choose the door and shower tray size, the door opening direction, the mixer technology and the finishes. A simple, complete and modular solution when wellness cannot wait. Equipped with a guide for quick and practical installation.

Shower door: more than a simple aperture, it is an exclusive gateway into a new dimension of wellness, design and technology. Features include 8mm thick tempered glass, sliding opening with concealed mechanisms, satin black or anodized aluminium chrome profiles, optional floor or shower tray installation, in a corner, on the wall or in a niche. Handle with integrated towel rail and quick release system for a tidy environment and quick and easy cleaning.

Shower tray: appealing to look at, pleasant to the touch, resistant to time. The white, satin-smooth Techstone® shower tray is available in nine different sizes. Ultra-flat and only 3cm high, it offers maximum freedom of installation either on or flush with the floor and forms a solid foundation on which to build your own idea of wellness. Complete with siphon trap and white satin stainless steel drain cover.

Hand shower with diverter: white, sliding, adjustable in height and direction, the hand shower combines versatility of use and the solidity of a Techstone® mixer base plate. The same style and elegance are expressed in all accessories

Shower head: the solidity of stainless steel, the elegance of a white satin-smooth finish, the pleasure of a raindrop or cascade shower to amplify your wellness experience like in a spa.

Mixer: delightful to touch and to enjoy in all its functions. Techstone® structure with integrated shelf, black-and-white or white-and-chrome finishes, choice of traditional single lever or thermostatic technology.