MyWay 180x80

1. Hydrotherapy Experience

Product Details

Product Details


Mario Ferrarini


Delivering both substance and style the MyWay 180 allows you to lay back relax and enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi® hydromassage.


The 5 adjustable TargetPro™ jets allow you to increase and decrease the intensity ensuring the perfect massage for your needs whilst targeting specific areas, 3 additional rotating jets gently massages the back to ease muscular tension. Additional features ensure the MyWay 180 whirlpool bath offers a sumptuous bathing experience, the soft headrest allows you to rest your head whilst built-in armrests allow you to comfortable position yourself throughout your massage, and finally, the Rainbow lighting creates the perfect mood with static colours or relaxing and revitalising colour sequences. Designed to perfectly fit in any surroundings the MyWay 180 offers a wide range of installation possibilities including built-in, corner, centrally positioned or back to the wall and is available in a left hand or right hand configuration.


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hydrotherapy experiences

Jacuzzi® Bathtubs are available in 4 different Hydrotherapy Experiences. Find out which is best for you.

swirlpool bath


The whirlpool effect is inspired by the movement of water from eddies found in rivers and streams.

whirlpool bath


The whirlpool tub, powered by the legendary Jacuzzi® jet system, provides bathers with an invigorating and therapeutic massage.

shiatsu bath


A series of relaxing jets, working along the back, provide a relaxing, invigorating and pain-relieving massage.

soaking bath


For sitting, stretching, reading and relaxing, a soaking bath is a simple, tranquil pleasure.


TargetPro™: the many directions to which this jet can be adjusted produce a fully customisable hydromassage which, as well as flow, intensity and power, can be set to suit your needs.

Twirl: the jets used for the back massage have a rotating action that gently massages the back, easing muscular tension.

Rainbow: this is an authentic chromotherapy treatment for total wellness that involves the mind as well as the body

Clean System: automatically disinfects and sanitizes your whirlpool bath