1. Hydrotherapy Experience

Product Details

Product Details


Kaluderovic & Condini - Jacuzzi® Design


Designed especially for smaller spaces, Skylounge® can accommodate up to four people and is characterized by a soft shape with raised edge: complete with comfortable headrests.


The raised floor offers two depths, with PowerPro® jets that target different parts of the body. The underwater LED light colours the water, creating a charming ambiance at night. Sensations previously available only at a professional Spa... enhancing our quality of life more and more.


  • 80.0
  • 190.0
  • 190.0

hydrotherapy experiences

Jacuzzi® Bathtubs are available in 4 different Hydrotherapy Experiences. Find out which is best for you.

swirlpool bath


The whirlpool effect is inspired by the movement of water from eddies found in rivers and streams.

whirlpool bath


The whirlpool tub, powered by the legendary Jacuzzi® jet system, provides bathers with an invigorating and therapeutic massage.

shiatsu bath


A series of relaxing jets, working along the back, provide a relaxing, invigorating and pain-relieving massage.

soaking bath


For sitting, stretching, reading and relaxing, a soaking bath is a simple, tranquil pleasure.

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Rainbow: this is an authentic chromotherapy treatment for total wellness that involves the mind as well as the body

Heat: this system keeps the water temperature constantly perfect.

Clean System: automatically disinfects and sanitizes your whirlpool bath