3 Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Foot Relief

3 Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Foot Relief


We all know that exercise and diet are important, but when we hit the ground running or walking, our poor feet take all the pounding. Each sprain, strain, and injury weaken our “foundation” and may make walking or even standing more difficult. To help relieve your tired tootsies, learn how to take a step in the right (relieving) direction. 

You’re in Control

Even if you aren’t a runner, you demand a lot from your feet, from wearing tight shoes or high heels to bearing the weight of your entire body. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are designed to let you adjust the state-of-the-art PowerPro® Jets to target specific body parts. You decide the intensity of pressure on your feet, from a gentle prod to penetrating manipulation.

Your Circulation Improves

When your feet are under stress, blood flow is limited, so a gentle foot massage can do wonders to improve circulation. Along with these therapeutic benefits, a foot massage also feels great. And don’t your feet deserve it? With that increased blood flow, toxins will be cleared from your body while your cells will be fed with nutrients and oxygen. In other words, you’ll feel better when your foundation is being properly cared for.

You’ll Sleep Better

An underwater hydromassage on your feet can help to loosen tense compacted muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are put under a great deal of stress through our daily demands. The water and bubbles relieve any pressure stored in the tissues of your feet, helping flexibility and movement to be restored and stress pressure to be released from your body, you can relax more easily, which leads to a better night’s sleep. And better sleep makes for a more productive day, so it’s a win-win.

If your body is a temple, our feet are the foundation. And just as a building’s foundation is essential to its standing, your feet serve a significant purpose. After all, they hold you up, keep you stable, and set you moving. Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle by fixing your foundation. Just head to the backyard and treat yourself to a relaxing, therapeutic hydrotherapy massage in your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.

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