Cloud 120

Product Details

Product Details

Luca Loschi, Fabio Verdelli
Cloud 120 is an authentic daily spa
Cloud 140 is an authentic daily spa providing personalised wellness paths with targeted water jets and two programmed sequences, intense or delicate, accompanied by colourful mood lighting.
  • 220.0
  • 120.0
  • 80.0


Aromatherapy: this fascinating sensorial experience turns every breath into an emotion

Cascade Shower: a constant, powerful jet relaxes the muscles most targeted by fatigue

Descaler: removes limescale from the steam bath heater

Emotional Shower: an enthralling interplay of lights and water contributes to pure relaxation. Just choose the function you prefer

Nebulization: a mist of regenerating and beneficial microjets refresh your body

Sound System Bluetooth®: your favourite music offers you an even deeper wellness experience

Steam Bath: all the regenerating heat of steam cleanses you deep down and gives you a feeling of authentic well-being. For a totally renewed you