JACUZZI® Shower and Shower Stall

Chromotherapy, the use of colours for health and wellbeing for therapeutic purposes, can be carried out in different ways, from radiation of light with the colour transmitted to the body through the skin, to natural chromotherapy with a gradual awareness of colours in the environment and their effect on the body.

In order to offer its customers the beneficial experience of chromotherapy, Jacuzzi® has created several programs for emotional shower stalls that combine the virtues of water with those of light. Available on all shower stalls in the ranges Omega, Frame, Cloud, and also Sasha and Sasha Mi.

These programs for emotional shower stalls enhance the properties of colours thanks to four sequences with the aim of recovering full physical and mental wellbeing.

A crown of LED lights on the ceiling of the stall allows the colour sequences to be enjoyed smoothly and harmoniously without contrasts or distorted colours.

The four cycles offer programs that are most suitable for the user’s current mental and physical state: CromoDream ® - this cycle offers users a complete experience of the entire range of colours, instilling a cheerful and positive attitude.

The colours, sequential according to their complementary nature, undergo pleasing changes to give a sensation of total fulfilment. SunLight - a yellow/orange/white colour theme with intervals of light blue and violet that references the beneficial effects of sunlight.

Yellow, alternating with purple, improves mood and physical and mental equilibrium. Energy - three colours, red/orange/white are complemented by green to form the basis of this cycle which, as the name suggests, contributes to bringing energy and vitality to the body.

Relax - made up of four colours, blue/orange/light blue/white, the Relax cycle encourages distension and relaxation by combating anxiety and stress. The orange note contributes to warming a sequence tending towards cold colours such as blue and light blue.


Box Doccia Frame IN2 con cromoterapia