With the 2016/2017 Alpine Ski World Cup season behind us, the final winners from the Aspen, Colorado events have been confirmed. Here are the overall standings for both the men’s and ladies’ teams:

Ski World Cup Crystal Globe Winners
As expected, thanks to an unbeatable score accumulated during the season, the winners of this World Cup are Michaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher. This is the Slalom queen Shiffrin’s first time earning the title of World Cup’s champion, and at only 22 years of age. Hirscher won his sixth consecutive World Cup, marking the first time an athlete has claimed the Overall six ties in a row in the history of Alpine Skiing.

Giant Slalom and Special Slalom Champions
In the technical discipline events, the globe for the Giant Slalom for the ladies came down to the final race, where Tessa Worley claimed victory. The winner in the male discipline was Marcel Hirscher, who overcame Alexis Pinturault, his main rival in the standings, after the latter's injury. The Special Slalom has been won by the two champions of the World Cup: Michela Shiffrin and, once again, by Marcel Hirscher.

Downhill Even Winners
The titles of the speed disciplines events were clenched at the Aspen races: Ilka Stuhec, thanks to her fourth victory in this discipline, won her first globe of her career. On the men's team, Peter Fill won the first place in the standings. As for the Super G, Tina Weirather and Kjetil Jansrud finished first in their respective standings.

Alpine Combined and Nations’ Cup
As the two athletes with the best score of both teams, Ilka Stuhec and Alexis Pinturault were rewarded for Alpine Combined. For the first time ever, Italy finished on top of the female category in the Nations’ Cup. And, the trophy was awarded to Austria on the men’s side.

On the heels of five months of intense and exciting moments these outstanding athletes have delivered, Jacuzzi is proud to have been an official event sponsor of 10 races for the 2016/2017 Alpine Ski World Cup.