Jacuzzi® ProClarity® Filter Cartridge Assembly for 40sqft Systems



Product Details

Product Details

The genuine Jacuzzi® ProClarity™ system delivers the best filtration in the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub line-up. The 40 sqft pleated filter in combination with the ProClarity™ depth load filter captures the smallest particles in your hot tub water


  • Performance and fit qualified to Jacuzzi® factory standards
  • Complete assembly includes canister + 40 sqft pleated filter, and ProClarity™ depth load filter
  • Can be used to upgrade any J-300™ Collection filtration system in place of the 6000-383A 60 sqft filter 
  • Replace filter on the circulation pump side of your system (pulling water when jets are off) with this system to get Jacuzzi's best performance
  • ProClarity™ Depth Load Filter is replaced once every 3 months for the best performance
  • Use of non Jacuzzi® branded parts can adversely affect the quality of your spa experience. Damage to the hot tub due to unauthorized parts and accessories may void the warranty   

COMPATABILITY: The 2472-234 ProClarity™ Filtration Assembly is OEM factory standard on 2012+ Jacuzzi J-400 and all J-LX and J-500 Series. This part number includes the canister, as well as both filters (6473-157J + 6473-161J) and would be used if replacing an entire system, or upgrading the filtration on a J-300™ Collection model to include the superior ProClarity™ filtration system. 

Filter FAQ's

Replacing your hot tub filters is an important part of routine maintenance and is a critical step in keeping your water clear. As the leading brand name in the hot tub industry, Jacuzzi has qualified the best suppliers to manufacture our filter cartridges to our strict specification, both for filter performance and for fit within your hot tub’s filter area. Genuine Jacuzzi® Filters are available from your authorized Jacuzzi® retailer who can assist you with any other water care related questions.


Use of non-Jacuzzi® branded parts can adversely affect the quality of your spa experience. Damage to the hot tub due to unauthorized parts and accessories may void the warranty.  

Over time, you will notice that your hot tub filters discolor and begin to look dirty. This is because they are capturing all the oils and impurities in your hot tub water. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs primarily use two styles of filters, depending on your hot tub model.


Pleated cartridge filters, which are used in all models are made of a durable folded paper like material. This type of filter can be soaked in a filter cleaning solution and rinsed with a garden hose to keep clean. It is recommended to clean your pleated cartridge filters frequently and replace them about every 12-18 months as needed. Having a second set of pleated filters to rotate into your spa allows you to clean your filters without draining the spa. It is not recommended to run the spa without the filters installed, as particles can enter your equipment and plumbing.


The second style of filter, which you will find in Jacuzzi® J-500™, J-400™ and J-LX™ collection models is a small dense microfiber filter that looks a bit like a top hat. It is installed within the canister that attaches to the smaller pleated cartridge filter. This is a disposable filter, and it cannot be rinsed clean. The water that reaches this filter in your hot tub has already passed through the pleated filter and no longer contains larger particles. Because of the fine fibers, spraying this with water from your hose will only load the filter with the metals and mineral particles that are common in tap water. This filter should be replaced every 3-4 months to maximize your hot tub’s filtration system.