Three things you don’t know about outdoor hydrotherapy spas


In our frenetic, stressful world, most people think that a warm spa, filled with bubbles, offers only calm, Zen and pure relaxation.

It’s true that relaxation is an essential feature of the mini outside hydro pools, but did you know that, in addition to this, there are various scientifically proven benefits that can improve physical and mental wellbeing?

1. Get comfortable and lose weight

Before going into the scientific aspect, we’re not saying that you’ll go down two sizes just by immersing yourself in a mini pool with hydromassage. Nevertheless, when the heat raises the body temperature sufficiently, the body reacts by perspiring in order to cool down the temperature of the skin. Fluids, mainly water, are released in the process. Therefore, according to science, plunging into the hydromassage hot tub once a day can be complementary to other activities that target weight loss ....not bad!

2. Muscles at their best

The warmth and hydrotherapeutic benefits of a Jacuzzi® hydromassage hot tub have the same effects as a traditional massage of the muscles. It is in fact concentrated on the most important muscle areas and aids the recovery phase after minimal or high impact training. It’s a fantastic way of relaxing after a training session and will help you to avoid dreaded muscle tears and other injuries caused by sport.

3. Energy boost

Ourbody and our mind maintain a balanced energy level through a regular blood flow, which can be obtained through physiotherapy treatments that encourage better circulation. The hydromassage hot tubs by Jacuzzi® allow the pressure and position of the nozzles to be regulated for a targeted massage that brings relief and relaxation while at the same time encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Now you know that a mini hydro pool is much more than just bubbles!

Three things you don’t know about outdoor hydrotherapy spas

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