Choosing the right temperature for your hot tub


Water temperature is one of the key factors that has to be considered when you decide to enjoy the best time of the day in a mini Jacuzzi® pool or hydromassage hot tub.

Above all, the first thing to learn is the general rule about water temperature: the higher the temperature, the shorter the hydromassage session should be. Alleviating pain is a specific property of heat, in fact, hot water can increase blood flow and facilitate muscle relaxation.

In order to accustom the body, it is a good idea to start with no longer than 10 minutes for a hydromassage session and increase until the optimal duration is reached. This can be personalised on the basis of the needs of each single individual.

Water temperature above the body temperature (37°C) is considered hot. Above 40°C is considered very hot, while over 46°C can only be endured for a few seconds.

A warm bath with hydromassage gives a sense of euphoria initially but then may become particularly “stressful” for the body.

One good piece of advice for full enjoyment of a mini hydro pool: we advise, before the hydromassage, applying an exfoliant scrub to the body at least once a month to cleanse the skin and free it from all dead cells.

Choosing the right temperature for your hot tub

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