The Swirlpool® technology in modern bathrooms


The design of ARGA® is fluid, minimalist and aligned with the gentle, soft and all-embracing experience in the bathroom decor, made possible thanks to Swirlpool® technology.

Its versatility suits different styles and installations. A cocooning, oval, reassuring shape, an ancestral refuge where you can lose the sense of time, allowing yourself to be gently rocked by the movement of the water and the lights built into the hydrotherapy jets.

Warm, magical and precious reflections that make ARGA® also serve as a chromotherapy instrument thanks to the Illumatherapy™ technology.

The touch pad with its modern design and three command icons brings together style, performance and convenience to become an aesthetic feature inside ARGA®.

Immersed in time. ARGA® Time and water have much more in common than we think. They both flow harmoniously in the world of ARGA®, the revolutionary hydromassage hot tub from Jacuzzi® designed to redefine the concept of personal wellbeing.

Through the new Swirlpool® technology and thanks to the gentle whirlpools created by the coloured water jets and the possibility of maintaining the temperature of the hot tub constant, the ARGA® experience is multisensory and immersive.

The bath salts created for ARGA ® are produced in line with an organic philosophy that respects water, keeping it pure. Salts and petals are perfectly blended, with specific properties designed for the different needs of those who immerse themselves in ARGA ® in order to enjoy a personalised treatment. Thanks to the innovative infuser integrated in ARGA ® the water recreates the harmony of a natural infusion, without any residue in suspension and without the need to mix the salts with your hands. The bathing experience thus becomes light, a pure individual poem written in a different way every day.

Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of its salts, inspired by the most beautiful names of the Oras, mythological Greek divinities, it can meet every need seamlessly.

CARPO: Nature’s alchemy. The salt designed for those seeking recovery after exercise. A revitalising formula with a magnesium and calcium base, odourless and colourless once dissolved in ARGA ®: a truly natural composition able to regenerate muscle tone.

THALLO: energetic mood. The iodine and lavender flowers of the salt contain a fragrant life force that transforms ARGA ® into a blue sky, showering the skin and leaving you light and relaxed as in an eternal spring.

AUXO: living energy. Stimulating salt with a composition of lithium, zinc and hibiscus flowers with a scent of enthusiasm and drive, facing up to daily commitments and sinking into a rosy life flow.

EIRENE: a haven of peace. With its vitamin B and magnesium-based formula, it is the scented salt that detoxes the body with a revitalising effect, in the typical peace of a cool lemonary where the pale yellow brings renewed equilibrium.