The health benefits of hydromassage


The best time of the day also has therapeutic properties and hydromassage is well suited to every type of physique and stress level.

Some people need a more vigorous jet of water in order to smooth out knots in muscles, while others have to be soothed by the warm, relaxing water to recharge and relax physically.

Hydromassage has an important effect in the treatment of disorders linked to problems with blood circulation in the legs such as varicose veins, but also in the case of arthritis, chronic extra-articular inflammatory rheumatism, injury, surgical operations or oedema. Balneotherapy, in particular, through hydromassage, is very useful in treating venous disorders.

The Tubs with hydromassage are also a good remedy for chronic rheumatism in general. They are also recommended for chronic bronchitis, nephritis, menstrual and gastric pain, intestinal disorders and, as a palliative measure, also for kidney stones and gallstones.

The health benefits of hydromassage

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