ARGA® Salts

Product Details

Product Details


The specially-formulated ARGA® bath salts are 100% natural, reflecting a biological philosophy that respects the water by keeping it pure and as each salt is perfectly blended delivering a specific property ensuring your needs are met.


When added to the ARGA® bath through the infuser the need to mix the salts by hand is eliminated and naturally infuses the water without any suspended residue. Bathing with salts can be compared to individual poetry - written in a different way, every day. Thanks to their intrinsic benefits and with names inspired by the mythological Greek goddess Horae, bath salts harmoniously satisfy every bather’s need.


AUXO: the joyful side of life. A stimulating salt with zinc, lithium and hibiscus flower petals with a scent reminiscent of enthusiasm and desire to take on challenges. The light pink hue of the ARGA® bath water provides optimism and hope.

CARPO: the nursing earth. A salt formulated for those who want to recover from physical activity - a revitalizing formula comprised of magnesium and calcium that is unscented and colorless once dissolved. CARPO is a real alchemy of nature with the ability to regenerate muscle tone.

EIRENE: the peace of body. With its magnesium and Vitamin B-based formula, EIRENE is the scented salt formulated to detox and rejuvenate the body. The fresh and peaceful lemon scent offers physical and emotional equilibrium. A moment is not about who we are, but rather what we desire.

THALLO: a burst of energy. The iodine and lavender flower petals in THALLO hold a scented force of life. Its youthful spirit turns the ARGA® bath water light blue like the sky while moisturising the body and relaxing the mind to simulate a never-ending spring.