Inner Balance? Start by Taking Care of the Home and of Yourselves


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With events of the past year and a pandemic underway, our lifestyle in the home is changing. Rooms have been transformed to become versatile and multipurpose, each one of us has tried to set aside a quiet corner for recharging - from the bathroom that has become a small personal spa to the bedroom that’s now a gym - and open-air spaces are must-haves, whether balconies or gardens, aware that contact with nature is essential for the wellbeing of everyone.

Through the experience of Jacuzzi®, inventors of hydromassage 65 years ago and a player in the world of wellness, let’s see the role wellbeing plays in new homes.

1. Come stanno cambiando le nostre case

Jacuzzi® modern bathroom

In recent months the home has become busy - the time of getting ready to go out and go to the office or school has become the time when the kitchen table has been turned into a workstation and the desk in bedrooms into a school bench. At the end of a day of meetings and online lessons, the home has to return to its original layout, a change (at times inconvenient and constrained in small spaces) which, while an incentive to update the home and make it more functional and versatile, at the same time adds urgency to the need to find a way of looking after yourself, to regain your equilibrium, particularly during such destabilising times and without private spaces.

2. La ricerca di benessere nel 2021: un trend in crescita

Arga® and Swirlpool® hydromassage

“Wellness has changed from a non-essential aspect to being a prime necessity”. This, in brief, is what emerged from the report The Future of Wellness 2021, presented on the occasion of the latest Global Wellness Summit, an international event for the industry. Indeed this is the case, and again citing the GWS2021 market research survey, that in recent months the pursuit of wellbeing has become a driving issue, to the extent of being an increasing feature of TV and radio schedules and apps, as well as a growing industry. It has come in many guises, ranging from the pursuit of greater spirituality through practising disciplines such as yoga and meditation, to the modernising of homes to make room for personal care solutions, such as spas or gym equipment.

Wide-ranging and contemporary, a new interpretation of the concept of wellbeing, summed up in the expression “stop boosting, start balancing”. An end to extreme boosting and making room for seeking balance.

3. Gli spazi residenziali diventano versatili

Bathroom interior design IN2 Frame Shower

It is by following this trend that, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the home is transformed. The bathroom, for example, from a simple utility space is redesigned to house a multipurpose shower stall, possibly with Turkish bath, – or a mini compact hydro pool, with sauna, emotional shower stall, hammam in just 3 square metres. The corner of the bedroom freed up after a decluttering session makes room for the exercise bike or elliptical bike. Room may also be found to create a corner for quiet and meditation, possibly positioning a comfy armchair after having reorganised the layout of the furniture, or a quiet bath tub, for a soak while enjoying tailored infusions of salts and herbs.

4. All’aperto è meglio!

Jacuzzi® outdoor mini hydro pool

For those who also have a garden or terrace, the possibilities are multiplied and wellbeing becomes a reality, considering the essential role of the link with nature for finding and regaining personal balance. The balcony, reorganised, becomes a small, open-air sitting room; the terrace can also hold a vegetable patch and garden, and for example a mini hydro pool. Among these, when considering wellness-related trends, are models equipped with systems for hydrotherapy, with cascades that offer relaxing flows of water for neck and back, technologies for chromotherapy or, a particularly sensitive issue at this time, mini pools suitable for holding several people.

Last but not least, with systems for water treatment such as those based on ozone with low emission, oxygen and UV-C rays. “Laboratory tests have confirmed that water treated with the Clearray Active Oxygen™ technology, for example, eliminates up to 99.99% of pathogens, maintaining a constant level of cleanliness with use of sanitising chemicals below 50% and also reducing the risk of skin irritation and the costs of maintaining Spas and Swim Spas”, confirms Costantino Marcellini, the Senior Commercial Director at Jacuzzi Brands EMEA & Asia. To enjoy a haven of wellbeing with total peace of mind and safety.