JACUZZI® Shower and Shower Stall

Showers can be classed as hot, cold, a Scottish shower and a contrast shower with alternating temperatures. According to the type of jet, there is a wide range of shower stalls (column, drench, horizontal jet). Among which, special mention should be made of filiform showers, featuring the emission of a jet of water with perpendicular stream, about half a millimetre in diameter.

This type of shower is also used for its “abrasive” capacity, particularly useful for treating skin disorders and in cases of acne. Finally, the type of method used allows showers to be classified as a function of the body part treated, so that we have skin, liver and epigastric, perineal, plantar showers.

Filiform Shower Stall

The type of shower stall most used in Italy is the so-called filiform type. It consists of applying a perpendicular jet of water to the skin with a temperature of over 35°C, the thickness of a few millimetres and with a pressure between 3 and 10 atm.

Scottish Shower Stall

The Scottish shower stall (jet shower or contrast shower) is a type of treatment that exploits the rapid variation in the water temperature for therapeutic purposes, generally alternating from 26°C up to 40°C. Each application lasts about three minutes, but may vary in relation to the physical parameters of the person and the temperature used. The degree of hot and cold used will depend on personal tolerance levels. In order to obtain maximum benefit from the Scottish shower stall it is best to use it first thing in the morning, after waking up, while it is not recommended during digestion or for people with heart problems. The Scottish shower stall has a relaxing and calming effect, with a stimulating action on the tissues which aids circulation, preserves the skin’s suppleness and helps to combat cellulite.


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