4 Places for Seeking Wellbeing (and Finding Your Ideal Spa)


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The upheaval we've seen in the past two years, with the resulting stress, and a growing focus on personal care and ongoing pursuit of a new wellbeing, has led us to seek spaces for relaxation even more. Specifically. This is discussed in the latest report from the Global Wellness Institute when it cites the percentages of growth of the wellness industry for 2020-2025, estimated at +9.9%, but we also experience it every day when we seek a new work-life balance, when we try to stop for a moment, when we organise our days and also include a break, a space dedicated to slowing down. The next step is to make sure that our homes and our daily destinations meet us half way, first by housing the means for making this break effective and beneficial. How? For example by accommodating a hydromassage spa in your own home or in the wellness centres in our apartment blocks, in hotels when we go on holiday or travel for work or in sports centres when we go for training. Regularly including a hydromassage spa in our daily lives helps, because the benefits go beyond the immediate sensation of relaxation and contribute to building a healthier life with greater balance.

Through the experience of Jacuzzi®, inventors of hydromassage more than 65 years ago and a benchmark in the wellness world, we will see where to find time for relaxing and hydrotherapy in day-to-day living.

1. A casa

Home Spa Mini Hydro Pool

The first, simplest, place - in your own home. The last two years have led us to value our homes, considering the time we have spent there and our new habits. For this reason the domestic environment has become increasingly the seat of wellbeing, to be made to measure, around your own, specific preferences. Also dependent on the space available. Is there a garden? Terrace? Large bathroom? These are all ideal places for installing our dream spa or hydromassage hot tub and achieve new mental wellness because, as confirmed in research by the Global Wellness Institute, hydromassage promotes better sleep and acts as a booster for the brain.

Not just benefits at a mental level - having a spa or hot tub in your own home and being able to use it on a regular basis will allow the benefits to be enjoyed also on the physical health level. The therapeutic properties range from treatment of problems linked to circulation to rheumatism or inflammation.

2. Nel centro benessere del tuo nuovo condominio

Apartment Block Wellness Centre Spa Hydromassage

New architectures respond to changes in cities and apartment blocks that spring up in urban districts have been developed to meet the needs of their occupants, increasingly demanding as regards wellbeing. Common areas are no longer occupied by mere entrance halls or caretakers’ lodges, but by rooms for co-working, gyms and wellness areas with facilities for hydrotherapy. Bookable through domotics systems, these spaces are provided to make residents’ daily lives easier and focus on their wellbeing, and also to build up a new sense of community and transform a block of flats into a collective space.

Wide-ranging and contemporary, a new interpretation of the concept of wellbeing, summed up in the expression “stop boosting, start balancing”. An end to extreme boosting and making room for seeking balance.

3. In hotel, per vacanza o business!

Hotel Holiday Business Spa Mini Pool

Leaving behind stress and bad habits while keeping up good ones is the starting point for a holiday and also for a successful work trip. The availability of a spa in the hotel means starting off on the right foot: if this is a mini hydro pool in a green setting you can foster relaxation after a day spent wandering the museums and streets of a historical city, or spent at meetings and networking. If it is equipped with systems for counter-current swimming, it can instead help guests to keep fit or continue with home training when travelling. The benefits of hydromassage, in fact, relate both to relaxation and muscle work and are suitable for every kind of physique, stress level and preference, whether it is calming or stimulating.

4. Nel tuo centro sportivo

Sports Centre Spa Hydro

Another place where the availability of a spa improves the experience and the time spent there is the gym or, on a larger scale, the sports centre. After a day’s work followed by a training session, being able to sink into a mini pool or in a spa is the answer to what investigation and research into wellness confirm: hydrotherapy and mindfulness, and also relaxing breaks immersed in water and gently rocked by hydromassage systems, are as essential as sport and help rebalance the day.