Hydromassage has been defined as “external crenotherapy” (i.e. one of the treatments that bring the body into contact with the substance used for the therapy, in this case water).

It is carried out with special water jets at certain pressures.

The jets are oriented in a centripetal direction, i.e. from the sole of the foot to the torso, to promote return circulation of the blood. The treatment lasts around 15 minutes, after which the patient is left to rest for a further 15. This centrality of the water jets in therapeutic terms explains why their orientation is one of the fundamental aspects of hydromassage, according to Jacuzzi®.

Hydromassage tubs and mini hydromassage pools are in fact designed with special focus on the positioning of the jets, which must not be random but instead studied specifically alongside the internal ergonomics of the shapes in order to optimise the effects of the hydromassage action (feet nozzles, hips nozzles, back nozzles).

Thorough research has also led to the design of the hydromassage tub, a fundamental element of a good hydromassage. Deeper compared to traditional bath tubs, with an ergonomic bottom and sides to better accommodate every body shape, the Jacuzzi® hot tub was designed to allow for a more correct immersion of the body and improved water circulation.


The mini hydro pool can become the ideal space for carrying out some simple exercises which are both a beneficial and fun experience, another way of caring for and respecting your body.

Try out our suggestions - the water will make any movement easier.

Legs: immerse yourself fully in the hydromassage tub, resting against the back. Raise one leg, bend it and slowly bring the knee towards your body, stretch out the leg and repeat the exercise three times, first with one leg and then with the other. You can carry out up to five consecutive sets.

Abs: immerse yourself completely in the mini hydro pool, resting against the back, breathe in deeply and, as you breathe out, gently contract the abdominal muscles. Do this exercise calmly, aiming to achieve up to five repetitions. You can gradually increase up to ten consecutive repetitions.

Neck and shoulders: immerse yourself completely in the hydro pool, resting against the back. Make sure your shoulders are under water. With a circular movement, slowly rotate your shoulders forwards and backwards five times. After a short pause, repeat three complete sets. You can gradually increase up to ten consecutive repetitions. In the same position and keeping your shoulders under the water, gently and slowly move your head from one side to the other, making your neck muscles work.

Relaxation: after completing the exercises, move into a sitting position, close your eyes and carry out some complete cycles of slow breathing (breathing in and out). After a hydromassage session, wrap yourself in a dry towel or robe, lie down and relax for a few minutes. In this way you will encourage perspiration and at the same time allow your blood pressure to return to normal levels.