Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Exemplifies Wellness with the Elara® Plus Whirlpool Bath – Featuring Three Unique Hydrotherapy Circuit Seats and Whisper+ Technology™

CHINO HILLS, CA – (June 27, 2018) – Jacuzzi Luxury Bath, the original inventor of the hydromassage bath, proudly announces the launch of its hydrotherapy circuit whirlpool bathtub – the Elara® Plus bath.  The bath features three unique massage seats that provide tailored hydromassage to key muscle groups.  The Lounge seat offers a full-body treatment, the Waterfall seat envelops the body from above with a neck-massaging waterfall, and the Blissful Back seat relaxes sore back and lumbar.

Standard features of the Elara® Plus whirlpool bath include 28 flush-mount jets, a multi-colored LED-lit waterfall, chromatherapy, two electronic controls, and three comfortable gel pillows.

To minimize noise and vibration related to a jetted system, the Elara® Plus also features two pumps with Whisper+ Technology™.  Together with exclusive vibration dampeners, this unique technology reduces the noise and vibration associated with a standard Whirlpool system up to 66%, according to third party testing.  Furthermore, the brushless motor offers eco-friendly heat transfer to the water, using 60% less energy than a standard heated whirlpool system without sacrificing performance.

Erica Moir, Vice President of New Product Development, states, “Imagine having the flexibility to adapt your bathing experience to your specific wellness needs. Whether you bathe for the purpose of recovery, relaxation or cleanliness, the Elara® Plus offers something for everyone.”

The Jacuzzi® CleanLine™ anti-microbial water lines ensure purity and durability of all Jacuzzi® whirlpool systems.  To assist in proper drainage, Jacuzzi® bathtubs have gravity-assisted, drain-down plumbing. To facilitate the maintenance process, the Jacuzzi® Systems Clean™ formula provided upon product registration quickly deep cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the bath.

“This product is designed and crafted in our manufacturing facility in Italy, where the Jacuzzi family originated from,” adds Suzi Rush, Product Marketing Manager.  She continues, “The Elara® Plus bath takes us full-circle, merging hydromassage with Italian design for today’s wellness-focused consumer.”

List pricing starts at $11,795.

Media contact: Kristina Spindler, Director of Marketing, Jacuzzi Luxury Bath 1.909.247.2057.


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