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Just where should an hot tub be placed? Your space and your own creativity will provide the answers. On the edge of a backyard lawn, hidden in the garden, tucked into a corner of the patio, on the deck or as the centerpiece beneath a gazebo, outdoor hot tubs made by Jacuzzi can be nestled into almost any space.

Among the few requirements for installing outdoor spas: the spa should be at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines, it must have a good foundation, water should drain away from the spa, and be sure to leave room to access the motor and pump. Aside from that, let your imagination guide you. An outdoor hot tub can be situated almost anywhere, even near a tree for shade. The spa’s cover helps keep out leaves and debris, while retaining heat for energy efficiency of all outdoor spas.

The world’s most-respected brand of outdoor hot tub, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offers exciting options in every collection. The new J-LX™ Luxury Jacuzzi® Collection, for instance, introduces the most energy-efficient hot tubs in their class. The J-LX Collection features a patented top-deck design that eliminates exposed acrylic. Complemented by beautiful cabinetry, the entire impression is of fine furniture.

In the J-400™ Collection, an elevated waterfall gives these outdoor hot tubs a distinctive profile. The Water Rainbow® waterfall is a highlight of the J-300™ Collection. Interior lighting in all collections helps set the mood at night. Options are available on selected models in the collections: Marine-grade high-fidelity stereo sound systems, the ProStep™ with handrails, and the new ProEndure™ cover made of highly durable, all-weather Sunbrella® fabric.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs is the recognized brand that continues to deliver the optimal hydrotherapy experience. For more information, download a FREE brochure.

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