Behind The Scenes:

Jacuzzi was graciously invited into the home of a local southern California family to capture raw footage featuring a J-480 hot tub installation. Like many families, busy schedules and a flurry of activities tend to dictate the daily pace of hustle and bustle. At this active home, the hot tub is viewed as a place where the family gathers and stays connected. A small area in back of the house was designated as the go to spot to unplug and unwind…as a family.

A Jacuzzi hot tub can make any outdoor space suddenly look like a relaxing oasis.
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They are all smiles, nice and warm in the Jacuzzi hot tub while we are freezing…it’s winter!
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“Wednesdays are unofficial hot tub family nights.”
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A busy mom shares how her Jacuzzi hot tub has allowed her to spend quality time with her daughters having meaningful face to face conversations away from cell phones and computers.
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