Signs it’s Time to Drain and Refill

When it comes to draining and refilling your hot tub, it’s a bit of a Goldilocks situation. Draining your spa too often is a waste of valuable water, while not draining it enough could create health problems for you. Therefore, it’s all about finding when is “just right” for your hot tub. Follow our simple guidelines for knowing when it’s a good time to drain and refill your spa.

Do the Math

One way to determine if your hot tub needs a good rinse and drain is to pull out the calculator. Divide the number of gallons of spa water by the number of bathers who usually use the tub. Then divide that number by three to figure out how often you should go through the process.

For example, if your spa holds 200 gallons and you have four bathers each day, that’s 200 divided by four, which equals 50. Divide 50 by three, and you should drain your spa every 16 days or so.

Check for Foam and Funk

If your spa is running especially foamy and the antifoam you add isn’t doing the trick, this a sure sign it’s time to change out the water. The same goes for funky looking or discolored water too.

Take a Whiff

Another easy way of determining when your tub needs to drain is if the water begins to smelly funny. Any out-of-the-ordinary smell is a cry for fresh water.

Check the Calendar

If your tub has been sitting empty for a while, this is another time when it’s a good idea to refill, rinse, and drain. Filling and then draining your tub will help clear the plumbing lines and rid it of buildup.

Make Goldilocks proud and find the spa cleaning routine that is just right for you and your tub. Keeping in mind how often you use your tub and watching out for these warning signs are good indicators as to when your spa needs a refill and rinse.

Is Your Hot Tub Irritating Your Skin?

If you start developing a rash after soaking in your spa, the experience can quickly go from hot tub party to hot mess. A red, itchy, bumpy rash on your skin after a dip is a reaction a small number of people have to hot tubs. In some cases, your rash could be an infection from the germ pseudomonas aeruginosa, but in other cases it could be an allergic reaction to certain chemicals.


Once-a-month Hot Tub Cleaning Guide

While your hot tub requires daily and weekly maintenance, there are also a few simple chores you’ll need to do once a month to keep your spa in tip-top shape. From cleaning the cover to adding scale remover, don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to maintain your hot tub.


Must-have Backyard Gadgets

When you’re looking to make your backyard party more inviting, sometimes it’s simply in the details. Instead of fretting over creating a masterfully designed landscape and installing the swankiest hot tub model on the market, consider some of our suggested gadgets. In fact, you may already have them lying around in your home. Re-purpose these gadgets and transform your BBQ from an ordinary cookout to something the neighbors will talk about for years.


Hottest Accessories for Your Hot Tub

You’ve had your hot tub for a few seasons now, and it’s been a popular spot for friends and family during your backyard parties. From your luaus to your star gazing sessions, your guests are beginning to wonder how you’ll top your last hot tub festivities.

While you still want to keep your hot tub as the center attraction at your backyard bashes this summer, why not update it with the hottest accessories on the market? Shift the focus from your waterproof hors d’oeuvres and beach-y cocktails and let your new hot tub additions be the life of the party instead. To ensure your next get-together is the talk of the town, check out our favorite spa accessories:


Have You Replaced Your CLEARRAY® Bulb?

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Outdoor Hot Tub Summer Tips

How-to’s from the Customer Showcase

image004 300x225 Outdoor Hot Tub Summer TipsJacuzzi® hot tub owners Barry and Patti Wilson of Newcastle, Ontario didn’t know their backyard was going to be a case study. But we think their Jacuzzi J-400™ Collection hot tub installation provides lots of good summer backyard ideas.

Create a fresh, seasonal environment around your hot tub
For example, note the palms near the hot tub, their green leaves framing the sparkling water of the hot tub. The Wilson’s home is located in Newcastle, Ontario, which is situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario – not a place where palms grow naturally. Bringing in palm plants during the summer can calm the spirit with visions of tropical climates, and it’s an inexpensive way to create a fresh, seasonal environment around your hot tub.

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Top 3 Hot Tub Accessories for Fall

Time to Put Away the Sandals and Beach Chairs

spa caddy1 Top 3 Hot Tub Accessories for Fall

Now’s the season to unpack the scarves, dust off the rake, and think about cool-weather hot tub accessories.

Getting your hot tub ready for the winter months is easy. No special preparation is required for you to enjoy a warm, hydrotherapeutic massage in your backyard at a moment’s notice. But you can use these weeks before the really cold weather sets in to enhance your hot tub with spa accessories.

My Dog Sleeps On My Hot Tub Cover

Is It Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?

Dusty in chair 300x135 My Dog Sleeps On My Hot Tub CoverActually, it’s my co-worker’s dog, Dusty, that likes to hang out on her hot tub cover. Not because the outdoor temperature is cold (this is Southern California, after all), but because Dusty can look into the kitchen window and the neighbor’s backyard from his perch. It’s probably comfortable, too.

Obviously, if you have a big yellow Lab like that resting on your hot tub cover, it’s going to start to sag a lot sooner than in normally would. Here are the typical reasons why hot tub covers need replacing:

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6 Cold Weather Hot Tub Accessories

Hot Tub Accessories to Warm Up Your Winter

hot tub accessories2 6 Cold Weather Hot Tub Accessories

There are only a few months left to soak in your hot tub while enjoying a delightful winter scene around you. Some hot tub owners insist that the best thing about a hot tub is using it during cold weather.

I’ve heard of people jumping out of the hot tub to make a snow angel on the powdered ground then jumping back in to defrost and chuckle at the daredevil move. If it were my choice, I would choose to remain in the warm water of the hot tub and chuckle at someone else jumping out to make a snow angel, I guess I’m not risky like that. I have also heard of families playing charades in the cold rain. There is something about a hot tub and cold weather that seems to bring on the games.

We asked on our Facebook page “How do you enjoy your hot tub during the cold months?” A Jacuzzi follower responded “We take our 3 young kids out there in the cold and play ‘guess the animal I’m thinking of’’! Now every time we get in our hot tub together, they always ask to play that game!” I guess being immersed in warm massaging waters surrounded by laughter would distract one from the freezing cold temperatures that lurk outside the hot tub.


Hot Tub Covers: Put a Lid On Your Precious Investment

Spa Covers Protect Your Hot Tub from a Number of Dreadful Possibilities

hot tub cover Hot Tub Covers: Put a Lid On Your Precious Investment

The backyard of your dreams is nearly complete. You have decided on your perfect spa and have it customized to your liking. Don’t forget to put a lid on it! It is crucial a hot tub cover accompanies your dream spa on its first day home.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Aftermarket Product Manager, Melinda Herber and I had a Q&A session on the important functions of hot tub covers.

A hot tub cover is one of the single most important necessities of a hot tub. Please tell us why.


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