Shopping for a hot tub online is a good way to compare brands and models, but the virtual experience can’t replace the value you’ll receive when you visit a Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer showroom. You’ll see true hot tub colors and finishes, have an opportunity to sit in the different seats and use the control panels. But the most important part of your visit will be getting to know your spa dealer.

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Jacuzz® hot tub dealers have the expertise and knowledge to answer your questions about hot tubs, from pricing to hot tub maintenance. Based on their experience with other hot tub owners, they can help guide you in choosing the features and options that make the most sense for you and your family; what you can expect to pay to operate your hot tub, and why the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 10-year hot tub warranty is the best in the industry.

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You can trust our Jacuzzi hot tub dealers to help you determine which models work within your budget and fulfill wish list. A good spa dealer will also explain how hot tub financing may make it more comfortable for you to purchase a hot tub.

Once you’ve decided to bring home your new Jacuzzi hot tub, you can rely on your dealer to arrange for delivery and set up. They will fill you in on maintenance details, and offer suggestions for accessories you may need, such as steps. Local Jacuzzi hot tub dealers often stock the hot tub supplies you’ll need, too.

Most importantly, your local Jacuzzi hot tub dealer will welcome you into the Jacuzzi family and remain a resource for your questions and needs. We’re really proud of the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs heritage that includes a worldwide network of hard-working and committed dealers.