The Best Hot Tubs for Recovery, J-400™ Collection

Best Hot Tubs For Best Results

Love to work out, but hate the post workout muscle soreness? Most of us have all been there, especially those training for an endurance event. As days lead up to an endurance event such as a marathon, training runs become longer and the body adapts to the stresses of running farther. Most runners training for a marathon experience some sort of muscle soreness. Sore, achy muscles can make training uncomfortable and make it difficult to stay on track. The good news is that there are ways to relieve muscle soreness, including recovering with the best hot tubs suited for physically active people; just ask Team Jacuzzi!

After months of intense marathon training focusing on recovery using Jacuzzi spas from our J-400 Collection, Team Jacuzzi has proven success! Our six amateur athletes took on the Las Vegas strip, step by step, completing the 13.1 mile half marathon or the 26.2 mile full marathon. Half of the team had previously participated in a marathon, while the other half competed in their first endurance event ever. For all team members, this was their first time training with a focus on fast recovery using hydrotherapy.

“Training day one is today. We’ve never run a marathon or half marathon. We have always enjoyed running, but only shorter distances, three to five miles. Being able to train for this 13.1 mile race and use the best hot tubs out there to help our muscles recover is terrific. Plus, we love just hanging out in the spa, enjoying the jet massage, the music and ambiance after a long day at work and an even longer day chasing around our five and three year old daughters.”
Team Jacuzzi® member Jason Rossiter during day one of training

“There is really no reason why I should be running this race! I’m in my mid-30s, 6’-6” and slightly overweight at 230 lbs. The pounding that training runs have put on my body over the years are relatively well documented in that I have had foot, ankle, knee and back issues along the way. Most of this is due to the fact that I have trouble being disciplined with the maintenance that goes along with trying to be somewhat athletic at 35. Stretching and recovery are two things that I had omitted completely from any training regimen in the past. Fortunately, including these critical pieces into my training routine has become much easier with the Jacuzzi hot tub and frankly more fun. While I have run several marathons, it will be interesting to see what true preparation can do and watch the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy.”
– Team Jacuzzi® member Nick Pabarcus during day training

“I’m really sore, and I have to run at least 4 miles today. Help!!! I had the best soak in the best hot tub for fifteen minutes this morning to relieve my soreness. It helped tremendously.”
Team Jacuzzi® member Stephanie Rossiter during training

Race Results:The best hot tubs provided training recovery for Team Jacuzzi!

Half Marathon
Christie Engesser Cesar — 1:40:07
Linda Dado — 1:58:57
Lisa Elrod — 2:10:32
Jason Rossiter — 2:06:49
Stephanie Rossiter — 2:10:18

Nick Pabarcus — 3:33:21

Congrats, Team Jacuzzi! Stay tuned for hot tub reviews from participants detailing their experience using the best hot tubs, the J-400 Collection to recover during training.