There’s no season like summer when it comes to celebrations. From Memorial Day picnics to Fourth of July barbecues, the opportunities to soak up the sun with friends and family are seemingly infinite. What’s the best way to bring a little sizzle to your summertime soirees? We have a few inspired ideas!

Host an After-Dinner Party

Dinners are fantastic, but they’re quite a bit of work. Rather than hosting guests for the meal itself, invite friends around for an after-dinner celebration in your hot tub. Set up a luxurious buffet table with bubbly cocktails and bite-sized desserts, and spend a few hours simply soaking, chatting and gazing at the stars.

Add a Touch of Relaxation to Your Backyard Barbecue

Pool parties are often the cornerstones of summer festivities, but hot tubs provide all the fun of a traditional pool with the added perks of sheer relaxation. Once you’ve fired up the grill and played a few games, slip into your hot tub for a lazy afternoon. Trust us: Your guests — especially any frazzled parents — will thank you.

Invite Your Closest Friends for a Refreshing Spa Day

Channeling the experience of a weekend getaway is often as easy as popping into the local spa, but who says you can’t recreate those moments from the comforts of home? Use your hot tub as the focal point, and put together a party that combines healthy treats, relaxing facials and hydrotherapy massage. Greet your guests will a cool glass of cucumber water for a refreshing start to a laid-back afternoon.


Have we missed any?  Tell us about an amazing backyard gathering you’ve attended in the past!