Including Maintenance and Discipline Into Efforts Proves Easier Training

Nick Pabarcus, Team Jacuzzi®

Profession: Sales Manager, Bank of America Home Loans & Insurance Division

Family: Wife, Amy, Daughter, Zoe (age 3) and son, Noah (age 1)

Reason you are racing: Pact with a friend to run one marathon per year.

Running history: Las Vegas will be my 8th full marathon. I’ve run one per year for the last eight years with times ranging from 4:20-5:55

At the age of 35, with a frame of 6’6’’ and a bit over 230 pounds to start this endeavor, there is really no reason why I should be running at all!

The pounding that training runs have put on my body over the years are relatively well documented in that I have had foot, ankle, knee and back issues along the way. Most of this is due to the fact that I have trouble being disciplined with the maintenance that goes along with trying to be somewhat athletic at 35.

Stretching, and recovery are two things that I have omitted completely from any training regimen in the past.

Fortunately, incorporating stretching and recovery into my routine has become much easier and, frankly, more fun with using a Jacuzzi hot tub for those critical pieces.

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