Develop a Hot Tub Habit

Why is it that when the weather cools down at this time of year, our schedules heat up? Driving the kids back and forth to school, making sure your home and yard are ready for winter, and putting in long hours at the office now that summer vacation is over, can all make the fall season pass by in a swirl of leaves.

But for families who have a hot tub in the backyard, the shift from carefree summer to busy autumn can be a time to build new, stress-reducing routines and bring everyone closer together.

Ease the transition into autumn.
When the days seem to be racing by (is it really dark at 6 o’clock?) a hot tub session can help to slow them down. Notice how an afternoon business meeting or helping with after-school homework can leave you feeling wound up and under-energized at the same time? There’s nothing like hot tub hydrotherapy by to bring you back into balance. Spending just 10 minutes in a hot tub can help you relax and put your day into perspective.

Head for the hot tub together.
Your school-age kids will look forward to hot tub time after their homework is finished or when they’re worn out from soccer practice. Get dad and kids together for a hot tub session after raking leaves or watching football on TV. And sure, younger kids like to splash, cup their hands over the jet stream, and bounce from one seat to another. But sharing time in the hot tub with your kids makes it easier for everyone to relax and communicate more openly– especially teenagers.

Warm up to the chill in the air.
You can really appreciate the crispness of autumn and the beauty of fall colors when you’re relaxing in your hot tub. All you have to do is step outside into your own backyard or onto your deck and you’re there. With the days ending earlier, you’ll have time to relax in your hot tub before bed. A cool, dark evening and a warmly lit hot tub go together beautifully, and you’ll both sleep better after a soothing hydromassage.

This fall, take a moment to marvel at the Harvest Moon, sneak a couple of pieces of Halloween candy, and find out how good it feels to soak in your hot tub on a regular basis. It’s a healthy habit that can help you skate through the rest of the year more smoothly.