Popular Game Show Contestants Win Jacuzzi® J-210™ Spas

Who wants to make a deal?

You may recognize this familiar saying from the popular game show, Let’s Make a Deal. Last week, contestant Brianna Fitzpatrick from Tulare, CA, took a shot at The Big Deal of the Day. Brianna eagerly selected Door #3, symbolizing the number of children in her family. As Door #3 began to open Brianna squealed with excitement as a Jacuzzi J-210 spa was revealed. At six feet, six inches diameter, Jacuzzi’s traditional circular spa is portable and compact, complete with four specific therapy stations to keep Brianna happy and relaxed for days to come.

Earlier this year, another J-210 hot tub was awarded to a young couple, Cristal and Steven Bejarano from Baldwin Park, CA. Small round hot tubs are perfect for couples and the ideal size for patios with limited space, so finding the perfect place for it, indoors or out, is no problem. In addition, electrical setup does not require hardwiring, simply “plug and play,” using a standard/grounded 120V outlet. Equipped with a comfortable foot mound and an adjustable diverting whirlpool jet that propels the swirling water, the J-210 spa creates an oasis for conversation and relaxation.