How to Find the Best Hot Tub

Highlights of the four Jacuzzi Collections:

J-400™ Collection hot tubs capture your attention with bold design.
A gracefully elevated arch makes a dramatic backdrop for the double waterfalls in the J-495™, J-480™ and J-470™ spas. Award-winning patented design isn’t the whole story: the 2012 models are equipped with the innovative CLEARRAY® Water Purification System that uses UV-C technology to make water care super-easy and also reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your hot tub.

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The J-LX™ Collection spas cost less to operate.
The J-LX™ and J-LXL™ models are the most energy-efficient spas in their class. For some shoppers, that’s all they need to know! It’s got the Jacuzzi name AND it saves energy. But take a look at their contemporary styling, too. Steps with a removable handrail for easy entry & exit and an all-weather fabric hot tub cover are new options.

The J-300™ Collection defines the classic hot tub.
Seven portable hot tub models span a range of sizes, seating from 2-3 adults in the J-315™ up to 6 in the J-375™.

Value counts in the J-200™ Collection.
Why not buy a discount spa? Because you probably won’t get the features and performance you want, and you definitely won’t get Jacuzzi reliability. The J-200 Collection makes hot tub ownership affordable without asking you to give up quality.

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Now that you have a brief overview of the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Collections, browse through the spas and start your search for the best hot tub for your family.