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Big Hot Tub Fun at the Fair

Big Hot Tubs are a Hit with Families at County Fairs

Big Hot Tub Fun Fair Ticket

Summer is here and to my excitement, fair season is well underway. As a boy,  I remember long days at the fair full of thrilling rides, sugary snacks, midway games, interesting shopping and most of all fun times with my family. As an adult with my own family, I must say, the fair still represents all of the above and remains a traditional familial outing.


A Welcome Blog from Jacuzzi North America President, Bob Rowan

Jacuzzi® Officially Announces New Blog and Social Media Profiles

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have reached a critical mass as a place where people from around the world come together to share news, ideas and information on a variety of topics. I’ve come to realize that there are many homeowners out there who are using blogs and these platforms to talk about wellness, backyard improvements, hot tubs and whirlpool baths. It is exciting to see so many conversations!

I have a few profiles on different sites that allow me to follow the latest news and keep up with my friends and family. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but I recognize that it is a great way for me and our team to communicate directly with you about our great bath and hot tub collections.


Hot Tub Filters: Changed Yours Lately?

Why You Should Use Only Genuine Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters: All filtration systems are not the same. Neither are all filters. Don’t be fooled by “generic replacement filters” or “imitations” instead of genuine Jacuzzi Hot Tub filters. Non-genuine hot tub filters may be less expensive, but using them could prove to be very costly to you in terms of performance and overall value. Using non-genuine Jacuzzi hot tub filters may also void your warranty.

Your Jacuzzi Hot Tub is an investment, and like any investment, proper and regular maintenance of your hot tub will help it retain its beauty and performance. Your authorized Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer can supply you with all of the information and supplies you need.

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Round Hot Tubs Stir Up a Round of Excitement in Seattle

Jacuzzi’s J-210 Classic Round Spa Was the Prized Desire of Expo Attendees

J-210 Classic Round Hot Tub Giveaway

Round Hot Tubs: On June 24th, just days before the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Jacuzzi® displayed at the Health and Fitness Expo held at Qwest Events Center. 55,000 people were expected to attend the Expo, including over 27,000 race participants.

It was very important and exciting for Jacuzzi to showcase in this city, as Seattle was one of the original hot tub enthusiasts’ markets in the country. I have been in this industry for many years and I still remember the popularity of the original round hot tubs introduced about 30 years ago by west coast round spa manufacturers. As a progressive west coast city, Seattle was one of the first communities to embrace the spa lifestyle, deeming round hot tubs a backyard necessity. Natives quickly found portable hot tubs to be relief from the area’s cold and damp climate.


Independence Day at Jacuzzi® World Headquarters

Jacuzzi Celebrates the Fourth of July

Patriotic Jacuzzi Hot Tubs shirts worn by Rosy and Jessica

In honor of Independence Day, Jacuzzi employees gathered for a casual  luncheon this week. “Fountain,” Jacuzzi’s main training room, merged Jacuzzi Spa teams with Jacuzzi Bath teams to commemorate Independence Day with a celebratory feast. Several people showed extra enthusiasm and wore their patriotic Jacuzzi Hot Tubs tee shirts that feature a festive red and blue fireworks display. Staff enjoyed typical picnic fair including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, soda and brownies. Employees look forward to the opportunity to get together as a company before a holiday weekend.

“I understand everyone is busy, but we should all take the time, relax and enjoy each others company when we can,” said Benefits Manager, Rosy Brennan.


Hydromassage Suits the LPGA Tour to a Tee

Jacuzzi Communicates Hydrotherapy Massage Benefits to Golf Fans

Did you know that the most common golf injuries include back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and knee pain? That sounds like a lot of stress for a game that is known to be a stress reliever. “Golf enthusiasts who excel at their game tend to push their physical limits to the max, which causes sore muscles and longer recover times without proper therapy” says Jim Sueppel, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs National Sales Manager. “Jacuzzi hydromassage allows individuals to create a personal targeted massage. Recovery time is reduced and golf experience and performance is improved because of restored strength and flexibility.”


Get the Best Hot Tub for the Best Dad

The Best Hot Tubs of the Jacuzzi Line-Up: The J-400™

Designer Collection

Let’s face it, most men love high-tech toys, beautifully designed machines, cool status symbols that exude magnificence. My husband is no exception; he has almost as many “toys” as our daughter. Just like her, his face lights up when he tinkers with his entertainment equipment, techno-toys, and cutting-edge gadgets.

Father’s Day is this weekend, a time when many women will search and search for the ultimate present for the best dad. The best dad deserves the best gift. Enter the J-400 Designer Collection, offering some of the best hot tubs in the Jacuzzi line-up. Picture this … dad lounging in a luxurious spa that’s completely tricked out with an advanced control system featuring a full-color LCD monitor, an audio system with a customized playlist, high-performance jets for the perfect massage, and advanced seat design including a deluxe lounger.


Official Hydrotherapy Partner of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Spa Hydromassage Received a Warm Welcome Among Marathoners

Last week eager Health and Fitness Expo attendees gathered around the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs booth, lured in by marathoners de-stressing in massage chairs just days before the big race. Expo attendees who wanted to learn more about the many post-workout benefits of hydromassage were treated to a complimentary massage from one of six massage therapists. Guests receiving massages watched an informative and relaxing video on hydrotherapy massage, detailing one of the best ways to alleviate fatigue and muscle soreness – with a hydrotherapy spa.


Get Ready, Get Set, Rock ’n’ Roll…with Jacuzzi®!

Jacuzzi Brings Spa Therapy Education to San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Jacuzzi: Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series Official Hydrotherapy PartnerAre you ready to Rock?  We are…and we’re bringing hot tubs to the party.  Jacuzzi is the Official Hydrotherapy Partner of this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Don’t miss us at our booth at the upcoming San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Health and Fitness Expo Friday – Saturday, June 4 – 5, where you can learn about the many benefits of hot tub therapy. 75,000 people are expected to attend the expo at the San Diego Convention Center.


Introducing the New Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Blog

Hot Tub Specials, Product Info., & More!

I would like extend to you a warm welcome to the launch of our Official Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs blog. As the lead blogger here at Jacuzzi, I hope to provide valuable information in many hot tub related categories from how to choose a hot tub to the many benefits of hot tubs.

One hot hot tub topic (pun intended!) will most certainly be hydrotherapy – simply put, using hot water therapy to promote well-being – the foundation of the Jacuzzi lifestyle. We also invite our blog readers to read up on the various health and wellness events we are

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